List of the 2015 UK General Election Candidates on Twitter


23 February 2016

2015 UK General Election Candidates on Twitter


There has been a lot of talk about how big an influence social media will play in the UK election later this year.

Are your political candidates even on social media? And if so, how are they using it? Are they answering your questions?

With our unique resource, search, follow and engage with the General Election candidates in your area. This allows you to find the election candidates on Twitter in your constituency so you can follow them and start asking them questions right away.

As more candidates join twitter in the run up to the election we will refresh the data [source] which means we’ll get to see how the individuals and parties may react in the meantime.

The Big List Of UK General Election Candidates On Twitter

Here is a list of the candidates for the 2015 UK general election.

First off, you should register to vote if you haven’t already. Once you have, comes back here to find your candidates on Twitter.

Look for your constituency name in the search box below to see who has announced that they will be running in the 2015 general election. We’ve added their Twitter profiles, so you can get in touch with them easily.

If you don’t already know what constituency you are in, you can use this tool to work it out from your post code.

Why not follow your candidates now and ask them the questions which matter to you, before voting day rolls around on Thursday 7 May 2015.

We’ve also built a Twitter list of all the election candidates on Twitter, subscribe here on Twitter.

If you’re an MP and new to Twitter or have a profile not linked to your name in anyway and want to be included in our list let us know on Twitter @wetransmute.


CandidatePartyConstituency# Twitter FollowersTwitter
Andrew JordanSocialist Labour PartyAberavon1268
Captain BeanyIndependentAberavon536
Duncan HiggittPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesAberavon641
Edward Yi HeConservative PartyAberavon209
Helen Ceri ClarkeLiberal DemocratsAberavon129
Jonathan TierGreen PartyAberavon78
Owen HerbertTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionAberavon
Peter BushUK Independence Party (UKIP)Aberavon1695
Stephen KinnockLabour PartyAberavon2242
Andrew HaighUK Independence Party (UKIP)Aberconwy
Dafydd MeurigPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesAberconwy860
Guto BebbConservative PartyAberconwy2663
Mary WimburyLabour PartyAberconwy1421
Petra HaigGreen PartyAberconwy
Victor BabuLiberal DemocratsAberconwy
Euan DavidsonLiberal DemocratsAberdeen North1002
Kirsty BlackmanScottish National Party (SNP)Aberdeen North601
Mick GreenhoughUK Independence Party (UKIP)Aberdeen North
Nicole McKayClass WarAberdeen North435
Richard BakerLabour PartyAberdeen North240
Sanjoy SenConservative PartyAberdeen North408
Tyrinne RutherfordTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionAberdeen North
Anne BeggLabour PartyAberdeen South9280
Callum McCaigScottish National Party (SNP)Aberdeen South1330
Dan YeatsScottish Green PartyAberdeen South123
Denis RixsonLiberal DemocratsAberdeen South
Ross ThomsonConservative PartyAberdeen South664
Sandra SkinnerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Aberdeen South
Eric HolfordConservative PartyAirdrie and Shotts
John LoveLiberal DemocratsAirdrie and Shotts
Matthew WilliamsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Airdrie and Shotts
Neil GrayScottish National Party (SNP)Airdrie and Shotts947
Pamela NashLabour PartyAirdrie and Shotts7564
Alan HilliarLiberal DemocratsAldershot108
Bill WalkerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Aldershot
Carl HewittGreen PartyAldershot81
Gary PuffettLabour PartyAldershot649
Gerald HowarthConservative PartyAldershot4611
Anthony ThompsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Aldridge-Brownhills
Ian GarrettLiberal DemocratsAldridge-Brownhills26
John FisherLabour PartyAldridge-Brownhills369
Mark BeechOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyAldridge-Brownhills14
Martyn CurzeyGreen PartyAldridge-Brownhills
Wendy MortonConservative PartyAldridge-Brownhills765
Chris FrostUK Independence Party (UKIP)Altrincham and Sale West
Graham BradyConservative PartyAltrincham and Sale West39
James WrightLabour PartyAltrincham and Sale West482
Jane BrophyLiberal DemocratsAltrincham and Sale West2223
Nick Robertson-BrownGreen PartyAltrincham and Sale West267
Alasdair IbbotsonGreen PartyAlyn and Deeside372
Blair SmillieUK Independence Party (UKIP)Alyn and Deeside329
Jacqueline HurstPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesAlyn and Deeside
Laura KnightlyConservative PartyAlyn and Deeside544
Mark TamiLabour PartyAlyn and Deeside1020
Phil WoodsIndependentAlyn and Deeside340
Tudor JonesLiberal DemocratsAlyn and Deeside62
John DevineGreen PartyAmber Valley61
Kate SmithLiberal DemocratsAmber Valley17
Kevin GillottLabour PartyAmber Valley148
Nigel MillsConservative PartyAmber Valley905
Stuart BentUK Independence Party (UKIP)Amber Valley58
Calum WalkerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Angus
David MumfordScottish Green PartyAngus
Derek WannConservative PartyAngus355
Gerard McMahonLabour PartyAngus429
Michael WeirScottish National Party (SNP)Angus4658
Sanjay SamaniLiberal DemocratsAngus1041
Alun PughLabour PartyArfon612
Anwen BarryConservative PartyArfon44
Hywel WilliamsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesArfon3451
Kathrine JonesSocialist Labour PartyArfon
Mohammed ShultanLiberal DemocratsArfon
Simon WallUK Independence Party (UKIP)Arfon
Alan ReidLiberal DemocratsArgyll and Bute
Alastair RedmanConservative PartyArgyll and Bute
Brendan O'HaraScottish National Party (SNP)Argyll and Bute740
Caroline SantosUK Independence Party (UKIP)Argyll and Bute2058
Mary GalbraithLabour PartyArgyll and Bute1393
Christopher WellbeloveLabour PartyArundel and South Downs10222
Isabel ThurstonGreen PartyArundel and South Downs72
Nick HerbertConservative PartyArundel and South Downs11448
Peter GraceUK Independence Party (UKIP)Arundel and South Downs
Shweta KapadiaLiberal DemocratsArundel and South Downs
Gloria De PieroLabour PartyAshfield28352
Helen HarrisonConservative PartyAshfield156
Jason ZadroznyLiberal DemocratsAshfield871
Mike BuchananJustice For Men & BoysAshfield1602
Simon AshcroftUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ashfield
Brendan ChiltonLabour PartyAshford476
Damian GreenConservative PartyAshford5658
Debbie EneverLiberal DemocratsAshford
Gerald O'BrienUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ashford
Mandy RossiGreen PartyAshford680
Angela RaynerLabour PartyAshton-under-Lyne1318
Carly HicksLiberal DemocratsAshton-under-Lyne171
Charlotte HughesGreen PartyAshton-under-Lyne59
Tracy SuttonConservative PartyAshton-under-Lyne
Chris AdamsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Aylesbury
Colin DaleOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyAylesbury
David LidingtonConservative PartyAylesbury8853
David LyonsGreen PartyAylesbury23
Steven LambertLiberal DemocratsAylesbury1524
Will CassLabour PartyAylesbury636
Corri WilsonScottish National Party (SNP)Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock878
Lee LyonsConservative PartyAyr, Carrick and Cumnock
Richard BrodieLiberal DemocratsAyr, Carrick and Cumnock
Sandra OsborneLabour PartyAyr, Carrick and Cumnock397
Dickie BirdUK Independence Party (UKIP)Banbury57
Ian MiddletonGreen PartyBanbury2487
John HowsonLiberal DemocratsBanbury
Roseanne EdwardsNational Health Action PartyBanbury403
Sean WoodcockLabour PartyBanbury389
Victoria PrentisConservative PartyBanbury228
Alex JohnstoneConservative PartyBanff and Buchan812
David EvansLiberal DemocratsBanff and Buchan
Eilidh WhitefordScottish National Party (SNP)Banff and Buchan772
Sumon HoqueLabour PartyBanff and Buchan
Joseph MambuliyaTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBarking
Lauren KeithLiberal DemocratsBarking687
Margaret HodgeLabour PartyBarking18162
Mina RahmanConservative PartyBarking474
Roger GravettUK Independence Party (UKIP)Barking
Tony Ford RablenGreen PartyBarking
Dan JarvisLabour PartyBarnsley Central19872
Dave GibsonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBarnsley Central490
Ian SuttonEnglish DemocratsBarnsley Central
Jackie CracknellConservative PartyBarnsley Central
Lee HunterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Barnsley Central
Michael ShortGreen PartyBarnsley Central
Katharine HarborneConservative PartyBarnsley East182
Kevin David RiddioughEnglish DemocratsBarnsley East673
Michael DugherLabour PartyBarnsley East16043
Ralph DysonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBarnsley East201
Robert Graham SwiffenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Barnsley East
Ruth Coleman-TaylorLiberal DemocratsBarnsley East29
Clive PeapleLiberal DemocratsBarrow and Furness413
John WoodcockLabour PartyBarrow and Furness14101
Noel MatthewsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Barrow and Furness740
Robert O'HaraGreen PartyBarrow and Furness
Simon FellConservative PartyBarrow and Furness325
Gavin CallaghanLabour PartyBasildon and Billericay3990
George KonstantinidisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Basildon and Billericay579
John BaronConservative PartyBasildon and Billericay
Alan StoneUK Independence Party (UKIP)Basingstoke329
Janice SpaldingLiberal DemocratsBasingstoke
Maria MillerConservative PartyBasingstoke11131
Paul HarveyLabour PartyBasingstoke1146
Sarah CopeGreen PartyBasingstoke
Dave ScottUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bassetlaw
John MannLabour PartyBassetlaw11625
Kris WraggGreen PartyBassetlaw47
Leon DuveenLiberal DemocratsBassetlaw105
Sarah DownesConservative PartyBassetlaw181
Ben HowlettConservative PartyBath5557
Dominic TristramGreen PartyBath1597
Julian DeverellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bath646
Loraine Morgan-BrinkhurstIndependentBath125
Oliver MiddletonLabour PartyBath1531
Steve BradleyLiberal DemocratsBath1368
Aleks LukicUK Independence Party (UKIP)Batley and Spen
Dawn WheelhouseTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBatley and Spen75
Ian BullockGreen PartyBatley and Spen9
Imtiaz AmeenConservative PartyBatley and Spen141
Jo CoxLabour PartyBatley and Spen1938
John LawsonLiberal DemocratsBatley and Spen
Karl VarleyPatriotic Socialist PartyBatley and Spen
Chris HoweUK Independence Party (UKIP)Battersea72
Jane EllisonConservative PartyBattersea5077
Joe StuartGreen PartyBattersea
Luke TaylorLiberal DemocratsBattersea110
Will MartindaleLabour PartyBattersea2927
Dave HamptonGreen PartyBeaconsfield310
Dominic GrieveConservative PartyBeaconsfield
Peter ChapmanLiberal DemocratsBeaconsfield
Tim ScottUK Independence Party (UKIP)Beaconsfield2508
Anuja PrasharLiberal DemocratsBeckenham567
Bob StewartConservative PartyBeckenham
Marina AhmadLabour PartyBeckenham
Rob BryantUK Independence Party (UKIP)Beckenham
Ruth FabricantGreen PartyBeckenham
Ben FoleyGreen PartyBedford
Charlie SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bedford837
Mahmud Henry RogersLiberal DemocratsBedford77
Patrick HallLabour PartyBedford734
Richard FullerConservative PartyBedford
Steve WatsonClass WarBedford
Gavin RobinsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Belfast East6251
Naomi LongAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandBelfast East11705
Neil WilsonConservative and Unionist PartyBelfast East749
Niall ÌÒ DonnghaileSinn FÌ©inBelfast East12875
Ross BrownGreen PartyBelfast East2633
Gemma WeirThe Workers PartyBelfast North120
Gerry KellySinn FÌ©inBelfast North22606
Jason O'NeillAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandBelfast North1267
Nigel DoddsDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Belfast North6632
Alasdair McDonnellSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Belfast South3352
Ben MantonConservative and Unionist PartyBelfast South263
Bob StokerUK Independence Party (UK I P)Belfast South
Clare BaileyGreen PartyBelfast South326
Jonathan BellDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Belfast South3720
Lily KerrThe Workers PartyBelfast South
MÌÁirtÌ_n ÌÒ MuilleoirSinn FÌ©inBelfast South19246
Paula BradshawAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandBelfast South2265
Rodney McCuneUlster Unionist PartyBelfast South
Bill ManwaringUlster Unionist PartyBelfast West
Brian HigginsonUK Independence Party (UK I P)Belfast West
Gerard CatneyAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandBelfast West69
John LowryThe Workers PartyBelfast West
Paul MaskeySinn FÌ©inBelfast West8512
Andy BeadleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Donald ColeAll People's PartyBermondsey and Old Southwark
Jean-Paul FloruConservative PartyBermondsey and Old Southwark1782
Kingsley AbramsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBermondsey and Old Southwark643
Lucy HallIndependentBermondsey and Old Southwark
Neil CoyleLabour PartyBermondsey and Old Southwark2830
Simon HughesLiberal DemocratsBermondsey and Old Southwark6698
Steve FreemanThe Republican Socialist PartyBermondsey and Old Southwark
William LavinGreen PartyBermondsey and Old Southwark
Anne-Marie TrevelyanConservative PartyBerwick-upon-Tweed1932
Julie P̦rksenLiberal DemocratsBerwick-upon-Tweed1122
Nigel Coghill-MarshallUK Independence Party (UKIP)Berwick-upon-Tweed
Rachael RobertsGreen PartyBerwick-upon-Tweed165
Scott DickinsonLabour PartyBerwick-upon-Tweed615
Calum KerrScottish National Party (SNP)Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk754
John LamontConservative PartyBerwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk2241
Kenryck Lloyd JonesLabour PartyBerwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk258
Michael MooreLiberal DemocratsBerwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk6161
Pauline StewartScottish Green PartyBerwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk11
Peter NeilsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk
Alasdair HendersonThe Whig PartyBethnal Green and Bow30
Alistair PolsonGreen PartyBethnal Green and Bow275
Duncan DisorderlyClass WarBethnal Green and Bow
Elliot BallThe 30-50 CoalitionBethnal Green and Bow47
Glyn RobbinsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBethnal Green and Bow
Jonathan DeweyCannabis is Safer than AlcoholBethnal Green and Bow
Matthew SmithConservative PartyBethnal Green and Bow773
Pauline McQueenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bethnal Green and Bow
Rushanara AliLabour PartyBethnal Green and Bow9774
Teena LashmoreLiberal DemocratsBethnal Green and Bow352
Denis HealyLiberal DemocratsBeverley and Holderness123
Gary ShoresUK Independence Party (UKIP)Beverley and Holderness313
Graham StuartConservative PartyBeverley and Holderness7793
Lee WaltonYorkshire FirstBeverley and Holderness483
Margaret PinderLabour PartyBeverley and Holderness315
Richard HowarthGreen PartyBeverley and Holderness
Geoffrey BastinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bexhill and Battle180
Huw MerrimanConservative PartyBexhill and Battle134
Jonathan KentGreen PartyBexhill and Battle360
Michelle ThewLabour PartyBexhill and Battle151
Rachel SadlerLiberal DemocratsBexhill and Battle1351
Chris AttardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bexleyheath and Crayford103
David EvennettConservative PartyBexleyheath and Crayford5973
Maggi YoungEnglish DemocratsBexleyheath and Crayford
Richard DavisLiberal DemocratsBexleyheath and Crayford1334
Stefano BorellaLabour PartyBexleyheath and Crayford497
Stella GardinerGreen PartyBexleyheath and Crayford1091
Allan BrameLiberal DemocratsBirkenhead35
Clark VaseyConservative PartyBirkenhead114
Frank FieldLabour PartyBirkenhead6305
Kenny PeersGreen PartyBirkenhead
Wayne HarlingUK Independence Party (UKIP)Birkenhead
Gabriel UkanduChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Birmingham, Edgbaston
Gisela StuartLabour PartyBirmingham, Edgbaston9782
Graham ShortUK Independence Party (UKIP)Birmingham, Edgbaston
Henna RaiBritish IndependentsBirmingham, Edgbaston30
Lee DargueLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Edgbaston804
Luke EvansConservative PartyBirmingham, Edgbaston751
Phil SimpsonGreen PartyBirmingham, Edgbaston43
Andrew GarcarzUK Independence Party (UKIP)Birmingham, Erdington46
Ann HoltomLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Erdington
Jack DromeyLabour PartyBirmingham, Erdington10963
Joe BelcherGreen PartyBirmingham, Erdington546
Robert AldenConservative PartyBirmingham, Erdington
Ted WoodleyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBirmingham, Erdington144
Elly StantonGreen PartyBirmingham, Hall Green
James BirdConservative PartyBirmingham, Hall Green752
Jerry EvansLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Hall Green
Rashpal MondairUK Independence Party (UKIP)Birmingham, Hall Green
Roger GodsiffLabour PartyBirmingham, Hall Green3729
Shiraz PeerThe Respect PartyBirmingham, Hall Green113
Andy ChafferCommunist Party of BritainBirmingham, Hodge Hill
Chris NashGreen PartyBirmingham, Hodge Hill9
Kieran MullanConservative PartyBirmingham, Hodge Hill26
Liam ByrneLabour PartyBirmingham, Hodge Hill20184
Phil BennionLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Hodge Hill
Clair BraundUK Independence Party (UKIP)Birmingham, Ladywood
Isabel SigmacConservative PartyBirmingham, Ladywood385
Margaret OkoleGreen PartyBirmingham, Ladywood
Shabana MahmoodLabour PartyBirmingham, Ladywood8043
Shazad IqbalLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Ladywood
Tim BurtonLiberty Great BritainBirmingham, Ladywood
Anna MastersGreen PartyBirmingham, Northfield152
Keith RoweUK Independence Party (UKIP)Birmingham, Northfield2571
Rachel MacleanConservative PartyBirmingham, Northfield1445
Richard BurdenLabour PartyBirmingham, Northfield7719
Steve HaynesLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Northfield554
Charlotte HodivalaConservative PartyBirmingham, Perry Barr383
James LovattGreen PartyBirmingham, Perry Barr1021
Khalid MahmoodLabour PartyBirmingham, Perry Barr116
Robert PuntonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBirmingham, Perry Barr165
Alex BoulterConservative PartyBirmingham, Selly Oak283
Clare ThomasGreen PartyBirmingham, Selly Oak2058
Colin GreenLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Selly Oak491
Steve McCabeLabour PartyBirmingham, Selly Oak7351
Steven BrookesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Birmingham, Selly Oak143
Arun PhotayConservative PartyBirmingham, Yardley297
Eamonn FlynnTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBirmingham, Yardley
Grant BishopGreen PartyBirmingham, Yardley41
Jess PhillipsLabour PartyBirmingham, Yardley2035
John HemmingLiberal DemocratsBirmingham, Yardley3836
Teval StephensThe Respect PartyBirmingham, Yardley165
Christopher AdamsConservative PartyBishop Auckland207
Helen GoodmanLabour PartyBishop Auckland6666
Rhys BurrissUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bishop Auckland
Thom RobinsonGreen PartyBishop Auckland1060
Bob EastwoodConservative PartyBlackburn1605
Dayle TaylorUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blackburn1758
Gordon LishmanLiberal DemocratsBlackburn
Kate HollernLabour PartyBlackburn1075
David JonesGreen PartyBlackley and Broughton
Graham StringerLabour PartyBlackley and Broughton539
Martin PowerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blackley and Broughton
Michelle Tanfield-JohnsonConservative PartyBlackley and Broughton149
Richard GadsdenLiberal DemocratsBlackley and Broughton729
John WarnockGreen PartyBlackpool North and Cleveleys204
Paul MaynardConservative PartyBlackpool North and Cleveleys10244
Sam RushworthLabour PartyBlackpool North and Cleveleys843
Simon NobleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blackpool North and Cleveleys235
Sue CloseLiberal DemocratsBlackpool North and Cleveleys
Andy HigginsIndependentBlackpool South442
Bill GreeneLiberal DemocratsBlackpool South
Duncan RoyleGreen PartyBlackpool South
Gordon MarsdenLabour PartyBlackpool South1985
Peter AnthonyConservative PartyBlackpool South510
Peter WoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blackpool South1653
Joseph ChampionGreen PartyBlaenau Gwent
Nick SmithLabour PartyBlaenau Gwent1117
Samuel Ellis ReesLiberal DemocratsBlaenau Gwent670
Steffan LewisPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBlaenau Gwent928
Susan BoucherUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blaenau Gwent
Tracey WestConservative PartyBlaenau Gwent
Alison GriffithsConservative PartyBlaydon321
David AndersonLabour PartyBlaydon480
Jonathan WallaceLiberal DemocratsBlaydon
Mark BellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blaydon
Paul McNallyGreen PartyBlaydon
Barry ElliottUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blyth Valley109
Dawn FurnessGreen PartyBlyth Valley223
Greg MunroConservative PartyBlyth Valley8
Philip LathamLiberal DemocratsBlyth Valley40
Ronnie CampbellLabour PartyBlyth Valley536
Alan ButcherLabour PartyBognor Regis and Littlehampton268
Francis OpplerLiberal DemocratsBognor Regis and Littlehampton44
Graham JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bognor Regis and Littlehampton
Nick GibbConservative PartyBognor Regis and Littlehampton
Simon McDougallGreen PartyBognor Regis and Littlehampton262
Dennis SkinnerLabour PartyBolsover
Peter BedfordConservative PartyBolsover532
Ray CalladineUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bolsover27
David CrausbyLabour PartyBolton North East365
Harry LambUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bolton North East
James DalyConservative PartyBolton North East463
Laura DiggleGreen PartyBolton North East
Stephen RockLiberal DemocratsBolton North East
Alan JohnsonGreen PartyBolton South East
Darren ReynoldsLiberal DemocratsBolton South East
Jeff ArmstrongUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bolton South East
Mudasir DeanConservative PartyBolton South East
Yasmin QureshiLabour PartyBolton South East6524
Andy MartinLiberal DemocratsBolton West
Bob HorsefieldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bolton West
Chris GreenConservative PartyBolton West918
Julie HillingLabour PartyBolton West3590
David NewmanLiberal DemocratsBootle
Jade MarsdenConservative PartyBootle43
Paul NuttallUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bootle9175
Pete GloverTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBootle
Peter DowdLabour PartyBootle694
Christopher PainAn Independence from EuropeBoston and Skegness1126
David WattsLiberal DemocratsBoston and Skegness
Lyn LuxtonIndependentBoston and Skegness507
Matt WarmanConservative PartyBoston and Skegness13601
Paul KennyLabour PartyBoston and Skegness1404
Robert WestBritish National PartyBoston and Skegness
Robin Hunter-ClarkeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Boston and Skegness2323
Victoria PercivalGreen PartyBoston and Skegness197
Chris KealeyLabour PartyBosworth640
David SprasonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bosworth827
David TredinnickConservative PartyBosworth
Michael MullaneyLiberal DemocratsBosworth1342
Alasdair KeddieGreen PartyBournemouth East92
David Hugh RossBournemouth Independent AllianceBournemouth East20
David HughesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bournemouth East
Jon NicholasLiberal DemocratsBournemouth East
Peter StokesLabour PartyBournemouth East
Tobias EllwoodConservative PartyBournemouth East4888
Conor BurnsConservative PartyBournemouth West8470
David StokesLabour PartyBournemouth West112
Dick FranklinPatriaBournemouth West
Elizabeth McManusGreen PartyBournemouth West47
Martin HouldenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bournemouth West204
Mike PlummerLiberal DemocratsBournemouth West
Derek FloreyGreen PartyBracknell1078
James WalshLabour PartyBracknell312
Patrick SmithLiberal DemocratsBracknell114
Phillip LeeConservative PartyBracknell4776
Richard ThomasUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bracknell
Andy CarringtonClass WarBradford East920
David StevensGreen PartyBradford East142
David WardLiberal DemocratsBradford East13375
Iftikhar AhmedConservative PartyBradford East97
Imran HussainLabour PartyBradford East
Owais RajputUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bradford East461
Andrew RobinsonGreen PartyBradford South
Andrew TearLiberal DemocratsBradford South
Jason SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bradford South2120
Judith CumminsLabour PartyBradford South742
Tanya GrahamConservative PartyBradford South
Alun GriffithsLiberal DemocratsBradford West129
Celia HicksonGreen PartyBradford West
George GallowayThe Respect PartyBradford West238117
George GrantConservative PartyBradford West1749
Harry BootaUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bradford West971
Naz ShahLabour PartyBradford West2839
James CleverlyConservative PartyBraintree8906
Malcolm FinckenLabour PartyBraintree1310
Paul JeaterGreen PartyBraintree627
Richard BingleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Braintree
Toby PereiraIndependentBraintree82
Chris CarmichaelGreen PartyBrecon and Radnorshire
Chris DaviesConservative PartyBrecon and Radnorshire117
Darran ThomasUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brecon and Radnorshire
Freddy GreavesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBrecon and Radnorshire301
Matthew DorranceLabour PartyBrecon and Radnorshire934
Roger WilliamsLiberal DemocratsBrecon and Radnorshire2837
Alan MendozaConservative PartyBrent Central151
Dawn ButlerLabour PartyBrent Central2145
Ibrahim TaguriIndependentBrent Central2339
John BoyleTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBrent Central
Kamran MalikCommunities United PartyBrent Central62
Shahrar AliGreen PartyBrent Central2151
Stephen PriestleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brent Central
Barry GardinerLabour PartyBrent North10734
Luke ParkerConservative PartyBrent North70
Martin FergusonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brent North1033
Paul LorberLiberal DemocratsBrent North
Scott BartleGreen PartyBrent North1193
Daniel GoldsmithGreen PartyBrentford and Isleworth129
Godson AzuAll People's PartyBrentford and Isleworth59
Joseph BourkeLiberal DemocratsBrentford and Isleworth17
Lawrence McCambridge-AudiniIndependentBrentford and Isleworth722
Mary MacleodConservative PartyBrentford and Isleworth9140
Richard HendronUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brentford and Isleworth
Ruth CadburyLabour PartyBrentford and Isleworth1383
David KendallLiberal DemocratsBrentwood and Ongar
Eric PicklesConservative PartyBrentwood and Ongar40427
Liam PrestonLabour PartyBrentwood and Ongar1352
Michael McGoughUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brentwood and Ongar344
Reza HossainGreen PartyBrentwood and Ongar
Robin TilbrookEnglish DemocratsBrentwood and Ongar480
Aaron DavidTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBridgend
Anita DaviesLiberal DemocratsBridgend
Caroline JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bridgend
David Anthony ElstonPirate Party UKBridgend
James RadcliffePlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesBridgend321
Madeleine MoonLabour PartyBridgend1618
Meirion JenkinsConservative PartyBridgend118
Ian Liddell-GraingerConservative PartyBridgwater and West Somerset
Julie Harvey-SmithGreen PartyBridgwater and West Somerset
Mick LerryLabour PartyBridgwater and West Somerset327
Stephen FitzgeraldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bridgwater and West Somerset
Theo Butt PhilipLiberal DemocratsBridgwater and West Somerset759
Andrew PercyConservative PartyBrigg and Goole5936
David JeffreysUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brigg and Goole
Jacky CrawfordLabour PartyBrigg and Goole1009
Liz LeffmanLiberal DemocratsBrigg and Goole81
Natalie HurstGreen PartyBrigg and Goole
Davy JonesGreen PartyBrighton, Kemptown843
Ian BuchananUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brighton, Kemptown
Jacqueline ShodekeThe Socialist Party of Great BritainBrighton, Kemptown
Joe NeilsonIndependentBrighton, Kemptown25
Matt TaylorIndependentBrighton, Kemptown552
Nancy PlattsLabour PartyBrighton, Kemptown3695
Paul ChandlerLiberal DemocratsBrighton, Kemptown28
Simon KirbyConservative PartyBrighton, Kemptown5870
Caroline LucasGreen PartyBrighton, Pavilion117221
Charlotte RoseIndependentBrighton, Pavilion7237
Chris BowersLiberal DemocratsBrighton, Pavilion79
Clarence MitchellConservative PartyBrighton, Pavilion1353
Howard PilottThe Socialist Party of Great BritainBrighton, Pavilion
Nick YeomansIndependentBrighton, Pavilion91
Nigel CarterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Brighton, Pavilion1061
Purna SenLabour PartyBrighton, Pavilion2614
Abdul MalikLiberal DemocratsBristol East546
Eric MutchOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyBristol East
James McMurrayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bristol East106
Kerry McCarthyLabour PartyBristol East22694
Lorraine FrancisGreen PartyBristol East96
Matt GordonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBristol East182
Theodora ClarkeConservative PartyBristol East1641
Anne LemonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBristol North West297
Charlotte LeslieConservative PartyBristol North West7733
Clare Campion-SmithLiberal DemocratsBristol North West
Darren JonesLabour PartyBristol North West2315
Justin QuinnellGreen PartyBristol North West
Michael FrostUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bristol North West107
Steve NormanClass WarBristol North West
Isobel GrantConservative PartyBristol South541
Karin SmythLabour PartyBristol South1086
Mark WrightLiberal DemocratsBristol South
Steve WoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bristol South
Tom BaldwinTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionBristol South912
Tony DyerGreen PartyBristol South1383
Claire HiscottConservative PartyBristol West623
Darren HallGreen PartyBristol West1483
Dawn ParryIndependents for BristolBristol West758
Jan McDonaldClass WarBristol West
Paul TurnerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bristol West
Stephen WilliamsLiberal DemocratsBristol West8271
Stewart WestonLeft UnityBristol West
Thangam DebbonaireLabour PartyBristol West2430
Andrew BoswellGreen PartyBroadland871
Chris JonesLabour PartyBroadland20
Keith SimpsonConservative PartyBroadland441
Steve RileyLiberal DemocratsBroadland
Stuart AgnewUK Independence Party (UKIP)Broadland
Bob NeillConservative PartyBromley and Chislehurst1062
Emmett JennerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bromley and Chislehurst354
John CourtneidgeLabour PartyBromley and Chislehurst58
Roisin RobertsonGreen PartyBromley and Chislehurst
Sam WebberLiberal DemocratsBromley and Chislehurst1232
Bart RickettsLiberal DemocratsBromsgrove
Giovanni 'Spoz' EspositoGreen PartyBromsgrove
Sajid JavidConservative PartyBromsgrove15537
Stuart CrossUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bromsgrove303
Tom EbbuttLabour PartyBromsgrove998
Charles WalkerConservative PartyBroxbourne
David PlattUK Independence Party (UKIP)Broxbourne1445
Edward RobinsonLabour PartyBroxbourne259
Russell SeckerGreen PartyBroxbourne20
Anna SoubryConservative PartyBroxtowe8618
David KirwanGreen PartyBroxtowe715
Frank DunneUK Independence Party (UKIP)Broxtowe
Nick PalmerLabour PartyBroxtowe928
Raymond BarryJustice For Men & BoysBroxtowe7
Stan HeptinstallLiberal DemocratsBroxtowe
Alan FrancisGreen PartyBuckingham
Colin DaleOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyBuckingham
Dave FowlerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Buckingham
John BercowSpeaker seeking re-electionBuckingham
Gordon BirtwistleLiberal DemocratsBurnley3282
Julie CooperLabour PartyBurnley804
Sarah Cockburn-PriceConservative PartyBurnley231
Tom CommisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Burnley
Andrew GriffithsConservative PartyBurton6911
Jon WhealeLabour PartyBurton1618
Mike GreenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Burton1920
Samantha PatroneGreen PartyBurton
David NuttallConservative PartyBury North3810
Ian HendersonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bury North
James FrithLabour PartyBury North381
John SouthworthGreen PartyBury North538
Richard BaumLiberal DemocratsBury North394
Daniel CritchlowConservative PartyBury South
Glyn HeathGreen PartyBury South538
Ivan LewisLabour PartyBury South8796
Paul AnkersLiberal DemocratsBury South1210
SÌ©amus MartinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bury South
David ChappellLiberal DemocratsBury St Edmunds44
Helen GeakeGreen PartyBury St Edmunds423
Jo ChurchillConservative PartyBury St Edmunds408
John HowlettUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bury St Edmunds
William EdwardsLabour PartyBury St Edmunds
Aladdin AyeshLiberal DemocratsCaerphilly139
Jaime DaviesTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCaerphilly
Katy BeddoeGreen PartyCaerphilly302
Leo DochertyConservative PartyCaerphilly125
Rebecca NewtonPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCaerphilly349
Sam GouldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Caerphilly4563
Wayne DavidLabour PartyCaerphilly4169
Alastair GrahamConservative PartyCaithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross
John ErskineLabour PartyCaithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross869
John ThursoLiberal DemocratsCaithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross
Paul MonaghanScottish National Party (SNP)Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross8507
Alisdair Calder McGregorLiberal DemocratsCalder Valley1753
Craig WhittakerConservative PartyCalder Valley5511
Jenny ShepherdGreen PartyCalder Valley343
Joshua Fenton-GlynnLabour PartyCalder Valley1922
Paul RoganUK Independence Party (UKIP)Calder Valley113
Rod SutcliffeYorkshire FirstCalder Valley
Amelia WomackGreen PartyCamberwell and Peckham5921
David KurtenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Camberwell and Peckham32
Felicity AnscombThe Whig PartyCamberwell and Peckham28
Harriet HarmanLabour PartyCamberwell and Peckham74390
Naomi NewsteadConservative PartyCamberwell and Peckham247
Nick WrackTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCamberwell and Peckham1055
Prem GoyalAll People's PartyCamberwell and Peckham405
Rebecca FoxNational Health Action PartyCamberwell and Peckham280
Yahaya KiyingiLiberal DemocratsCamberwell and Peckham157
Geoff GarbettGreen PartyCamborne and Redruth200
George EusticeConservative PartyCamborne and Redruth
Julia GoldsworthyLiberal DemocratsCamborne and Redruth3867
Lisa DolleyIndependentCamborne and Redruth
Loveday JenkinMebyon Kernow - The Party for CornwallCamborne and Redruth
Michael FosterLabour PartyCamborne and Redruth363
Robert SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Camborne and Redruth1107
Chamali FernandoConservative PartyCambridge364
Daniel ZeichnerLabour PartyCambridge1430
Julian HuppertLiberal DemocratsCambridge17326
Patrick O'FlynnUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cambridge21974
Rupert ReadGreen PartyCambridge4700
Amanda MillingConservative PartyCannock Chase602
Grahame WigginUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cannock Chase133
Ian JacksonLiberal DemocratsCannock Chase
Janos TothLabour PartyCannock Chase1515
Paul WoodheadGreen PartyCannock Chase657
Hugh LanningLabour PartyCanterbury429
James FlanaganLiberal DemocratsCanterbury1073
Jim GascoyneUK Independence Party (UKIP)Canterbury
Julian BrazierConservative PartyCanterbury
Robert CoxThe Socialist Party of Great BritainCanterbury
Stuart JefferyGreen PartyCanterbury1433
Anthony RaybouldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cardiff Central
Chris von RuhlandGreen PartyCardiff Central41
Jenny WillottLiberal DemocratsCardiff Central4158
Jo StevensLabour PartyCardiff Central2301
Laura Susan BoyleIndependentCardiff Central
Martin PollardPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCardiff Central282
Richard HopkinConservative PartyCardiff Central178
Steve WilliamsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCardiff Central
Craig WilliamsConservative PartyCardiff North1338
Elin Walker JonesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCardiff North615
Elizabeth ClarkLiberal DemocratsCardiff North39
Ethan R WilkinsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cardiff North252
Jeff GreenChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Cardiff North
Mari WilliamsLabour PartyCardiff North3389
Ruth OsnerGreen PartyCardiff North42
Shaun JenkinsAlter Change - Politics. Only DifferentCardiff North26
Anthony SlaughterGreen PartyCardiff South and Penarth488
Ben FodayPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCardiff South and Penarth
Emma WarmanConservative PartyCardiff South and Penarth646
John Rees-EvansUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cardiff South and Penarth54
Nigel HowellsLiberal DemocratsCardiff South and Penarth
Richard Huw MorganClass WarCardiff South and Penarth882
Ross SaundersTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCardiff South and Penarth238
Stephen DoughtyLabour PartyCardiff South and Penarth5574
Brian MorrisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cardiff West
Cadan ap TomosLiberal DemocratsCardiff West1383
Helen JonesTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCardiff West
James TaghdissianConservative PartyCardiff West
Ken BarkerGreen PartyCardiff West91
Kevin BrennanLabour PartyCardiff West12664
Neil McEvoyPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCardiff West2155
Fiona MillsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Carlisle770
Helen DavisonGreen PartyCarlisle
John StevensonConservative PartyCarlisle3074
Lee SherriffLabour PartyCarlisle3658
Loraine BirchallLiberal DemocratsCarlisle
Ben RiceGreen PartyCarmarthen East and Dinefwr250
Calum HigginsLabour PartyCarmarthen East and Dinefwr963
Jonathan EdwardsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCarmarthen East and Dinefwr4842
Matthew PaulConservative PartyCarmarthen East and Dinefwr
Norma WoodwardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Sara Lloyd WilliamsLiberal DemocratsCarmarthen East and Dinefwr173
Delyth EvansLabour PartyCarmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire495
Elwyn WilliamsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCarmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
Gary TapleyGreen PartyCarmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
John AtkinsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
Selwyn RunnettLiberal DemocratsCarmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire736
Simon HartConservative PartyCarmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire1373
Ashley DickensonChristian Peoples AllianceCarshalton and Wallington8
Bill Main-IanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Carshalton and Wallington1158
Matthew Maxwell ScottConservative PartyCarshalton and Wallington552
Ross HemingwayGreen PartyCarshalton and Wallington399
Siobhan TateLabour PartyCarshalton and Wallington367
Tom BrakeLiberal DemocratsCarshalton and Wallington13942
Dominic EllisGreen PartyCastle Point
Jamie HuntmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Castle Point409
Joe CookeLabour PartyCastle Point171
Kim GandyEnglish DemocratsCastle Point
Rebecca HarrisConservative PartyCastle Point2203
Brian H. DonohoeLabour PartyCentral Ayrshire
Gordon BainLiberal DemocratsCentral Ayrshire179
Marc HopeConservative PartyCentral Ayrshire
Philippa WhitfordScottish National Party (SNP)Central Ayrshire1902
Veronika TudhopeScottish Green PartyCentral Ayrshire225
Alex WhiteLiberal DemocratsCentral Devon214
Andy WilliamsonGreen PartyCentral Devon977
John ConwayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Central Devon
Lynne RichardsLabour PartyCentral Devon192
Mel StrideConservative PartyCentral Devon
Daniel PoulterConservative PartyCentral Suffolk and North Ipswich1534
Jack AbbottLabour PartyCentral Suffolk and North Ipswich601
Jonathan NealLiberal DemocratsCentral Suffolk and North Ipswich2456
Mark ColeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Central Suffolk and North Ipswich
Rhodri GriffithsGreen PartyCentral Suffolk and North Ipswich34
Tony HolyoakEnglish DemocratsCentral Suffolk and North Ipswich
Daniel ThompsonGreen PartyCeredigion29
Gethin JamesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ceredigion350
Henrietta HensherConservative PartyCeredigion194
Huw ThomasLabour PartyCeredigion1506
Mark WilliamsLiberal DemocratsCeredigion4693
Mike ParkerPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCeredigion2086
Ed ArgarConservative PartyCharnwood
Lynton YatesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Charnwood
Sean Kelly-WalshLabour PartyCharnwood985
Simon SansomeLiberal DemocratsCharnwood54
Ian WallaceUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chatham and Aylesford
James GibsonChristian Peoples AllianceChatham and Aylesford
Luke BalnaveGreen PartyChatham and Aylesford
Mike RussellEnglish DemocratsChatham and Aylesford
Richard AndrzejakTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionChatham and Aylesford681
Thomas QuintonLiberal DemocratsChatham and Aylesford
Tracey CrouchConservative PartyChatham and Aylesford10320
Tristan OsborneLabour PartyChatham and Aylesford3135
Drew CarswellIndependentCheadle125
Mark HunterLiberal DemocratsCheadle2705
Martin MillerLabour PartyCheadle
Mary RobinsonConservative PartyCheadle456
Matthew TorbittIndependentCheadle68
Shaun HopkinsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cheadle437
Angela ThomsonGreen PartyChelmsford
Chris VinceLabour PartyChelmsford347
Mark GoughUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chelmsford
Simon BurnsConservative PartyChelmsford
Sir Henry BoyleThe Liberal PartyChelmsford
Stephen RobinsonLiberal DemocratsChelmsford1113
Adrian NobleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chelsea and Fulham
Alexandra SandersonLabour PartyChelsea and Fulham368
Greg HandsConservative PartyChelsea and Fulham11061
Guy RubinGreen PartyChelsea and Fulham489
Simon BaileyLiberal DemocratsChelsea and Fulham44
Adam Van CoevordenGreen PartyCheltenham859
Alex ChalkConservative PartyCheltenham848
Christina SimmondsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cheltenham
Martin HorwoodLiberal DemocratsCheltenham7122
Paul GilbertLabour PartyCheltenham112
Richard Lupson-DarnellIndependentCheltenham157
Alan StevensUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chesham and Amersham
Ben DaviesLabour PartyChesham and Amersham717
Cheryl GillanConservative PartyChesham and Amersham5909
Gill WalkerGreen PartyChesham and Amersham
Kirsten JohnsonLiberal DemocratsChesham and Amersham245
Julia CambridgeLiberal DemocratsChesterfield1063
Mark VivisConservative PartyChesterfield195
Matt GennGreen PartyChesterfield236
Stuart YeowartUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chesterfield43
Toby PerkinsLabour PartyChesterfield14262
Tommy HolgateThe Peace Party - Non-violence, Justice, EnvironmentChesterfield1037
Andrew EmersonPatriaChichester8
Andrew MoncreiffUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chichester
Andrew SmithLiberal DemocratsChichester70
Andrew TyrieConservative PartyChichester
Jasper RichmondGreen PartyChichester41
Mark FarwellLabour PartyChichester43
Anne CrookLiberal DemocratsChingford and Woodford Green
Bilal MahmoodLabour PartyChingford and Woodford Green879
Freddy VachhaUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chingford and Woodford Green
Iain Duncan SmithConservative PartyChingford and Woodford Green
Len HockeyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionChingford and Woodford Green376
Lisa McKenzieClass WarChingford and Woodford Green3290
Rebecca TullyGreen PartyChingford and Woodford Green316
Andy NewmanLabour PartyChippenham1611
Duncan HamesLiberal DemocratsChippenham6797
Julia ReidUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chippenham
Michelle DonelanConservative PartyChippenham2491
Tina JohnstonGreen PartyChippenham
A M PoppyGreen PartyChipping Barnet1247
Amy TrevethanLabour PartyChipping Barnet707
Marisha RayLiberal DemocratsChipping Barnet
Theresa VilliersConservative PartyChipping Barnet
Victor KayeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chipping Barnet
Alistair StrawGreen PartyChorley4
Lindsay HoyleLabour PartyChorley3239
Mark SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Chorley95
Michael FlanaganIndependentChorley20
Rob LoughenburyConservative PartyChorley1479
Stephen FennLiberal DemocratsChorley
Andrew SatherleyLabour PartyChristchurch
Andy CanningLiberal DemocratsChristchurch
Christopher ChopeConservative PartyChristchurch
Robin GreyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Christchurch
Shona DunnGreen PartyChristchurch68
Belinda Brooks-GordonLiberal DemocratsCities of London and Westminster2924
Chris WhitwoodYorkshire FirstCities of London and Westminster232
Hugh SmallGreen PartyCities of London and Westminster249
Jill McLachlanChristian Peoples AllianceCities of London and Westminster
Mark FieldConservative PartyCities of London and Westminster4468
Nik SlingsbyLabour PartyCities of London and Westminster83
Robert StephensonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cities of London and Westminster
Christian MathesonLabour PartyCity of Chester407
Robert ThompsonLiberal DemocratsCity of Chester747
Stephen MosleyConservative PartyCity of Chester6652
Steve IngramUK Independence Party (UKIP)City of Chester447
Craig MartinLiberal DemocratsCity of Durham321
Jonathan ElmerGreen PartyCity of Durham637
Rebecca CoulsonConservative PartyCity of Durham743
Roberta Blackman-WoodsLabour PartyCity of Durham6070
Chris SouthallGreen PartyClacton896
David GraceLiberal DemocratsClacton
Douglas CarswellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Clacton29138
Giles WatlingConservative PartyClacton729
Tim YoungLabour PartyClacton1170
Carol ThorntonGreen PartyCleethorpes572
Martin VickersConservative PartyCleethorpes2461
Peter KeithLabour PartyCleethorpes427
Roy HorobinLiberal DemocratsCleethorpes27
Stephen HarnessUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cleethorpes
Bruce RobertsLiberal DemocratsClwyd South247
David NichollsConservative PartyClwyd South94
Duncan ReesGreen PartyClwyd South
Mabon ap GwynforPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesClwyd South5420
Mandy JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Clwyd South
Susan Elan JonesLabour PartyClwyd South
Bob EnglishSocialist Labour PartyClwyd West
David JonesConservative PartyClwyd West290
Gareth ThomasLabour PartyClwyd West1044
Marc JonesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesClwyd West1572
Rory JepsonIndependentClwyd West
Sarah Lesiter-BurgessLiberal DemocratsClwyd West
Warwick NicholsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Clwyd West112
Andrew PageLiberal DemocratsCoatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill1319
Mhairi FraserConservative PartyCoatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill624
Phil BoswellScottish National Party (SNP)Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
Tom ClarkeLabour PartyCoatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
Bob RussellLiberal DemocratsColchester1065
John PittsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Colchester
Jordan NewellLabour PartyColchester1976
Ken ScrimshawChristian Peoples AllianceColchester
Mark George GoacherGreen PartyColchester175
Will QuinceConservative PartyColchester995
Cahal BurkeLiberal DemocratsColne Valley829
Chas BallGreen PartyColne Valley127
Jane EastLabour PartyColne Valley756
Jason McCartneyConservative PartyColne Valley10044
Melanie RobertsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Colne Valley
Paul SalvesonYorkshire FirstColne Valley1360
Alec HeathGreen PartyCongleton
Darren PriceLabour PartyCongleton1268
Fiona BruceConservative PartyCongleton
Lee SlaughterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Congleton663
Peter HirstLiberal DemocratsCongleton118
Allan ToddGreen PartyCopeland
Danny GallagherLiberal DemocratsCopeland
Jamie ReedLabour PartyCopeland16007
Michael PyeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Copeland
Stephen HaraldsenConservative PartyCopeland487
Andy SawfordLabour PartyCorby9613
Jonathan HornettGreen PartyCorby153
Margot ParkerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Corby4484
Peter HarrisLiberal DemocratsCorby
Tom PursgloveConservative PartyCorby801
Avtar TaggarUK Independence Party (UKIP)Coventry North East
Colleen FletcherLabour PartyCoventry North East
Matthew HandleyGreen PartyCoventry North East
Michelle LoweConservative PartyCoventry North East182
Nicky DownesTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCoventry North East437
Russell FieldLiberal DemocratsCoventry North East
Dave NellistTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCoventry North West6110
Geoffrey RobinsonLabour PartyCoventry North West
Harjinder SehmiUK Independence Party (UKIP)Coventry North West
Laura VestyGreen PartyCoventry North West197
Parvez AkhtarConservative PartyCoventry North West9
Benjamin GallaherGreen PartyCoventry South192
Gary RidleyConservative PartyCoventry South233
Greg JudgeLiberal DemocratsCoventry South1142
Jim CunninghamLabour PartyCoventry South
Judy GriffithsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCoventry South
Mark TaylorUK Independence Party (UKIP)Coventry South
Chris OxladeLabour PartyCrawley2758
Christopher BrownUK Independence Party (UKIP)Crawley113
Guy HudsonGreen PartyCrawley
Henry SmithConservative PartyCrawley3492
Katherine MillsChristian Peoples AllianceCrawley
Sarah OsborneLiberal DemocratsCrawley
Adrian HealdLabour PartyCrewe and Nantwich1584
Edward TimpsonConservative PartyCrewe and Nantwich
Richard LeeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Crewe and Nantwich1730
Roy WoodLiberal DemocratsCrewe and Nantwich
April AshleyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCroydon Central
Esther SuttonGreen PartyCroydon Central
Gavin BarwellConservative PartyCroydon Central9004
James Robert FearnleyLiberal DemocratsCroydon Central346
Peter StaveleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Croydon Central371
Sarah JonesLabour PartyCroydon Central2067
Stephen HammondChristian Peoples AllianceCroydon Central
Ben StevensonCommunist Party of BritainCroydon North
Glen HartTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionCroydon North924
Joanna CorbinLiberal DemocratsCroydon North175
Shasha KhanGreen PartyCroydon North690
Steve ReedLabour PartyCroydon North17608
Vidhi MohanConservative PartyCroydon North547
Winston McKenzieUK Independence Party (UKIP)Croydon North2993
Chris PhilpConservative PartyCroydon South1288
Emily BennLabour PartyCroydon South1504
Gill HicksonLiberal DemocratsCroydon South180
Jon BiggerClass WarCroydon South1040
Kathleen GarnerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Croydon South
Peter UnderwoodGreen PartyCroydon South239
Gregg McClymontLabour PartyCumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East6990
John DuncanLiberal DemocratsCumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East
Malcolm MacKayConservative PartyCumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East
Stuart McDonaldScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East727
Andrew AbrahamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Cynon Valley
Angharad JonesLiberal DemocratsCynon Valley
Ann ClwydLabour PartyCynon Valley1957
Cerith GriffithsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesCynon Valley1459
Chris BeggsSocialist Labour PartyCynon Valley
John MatthewsGreen PartyCynon Valley
Keith DewhurstConservative PartyCynon Valley
Denise CapstickLiberal DemocratsDagenham and Rainham
Jon CruddasLabour PartyDagenham and Rainham12273
Julie MarsonConservative PartyDagenham and Rainham570
Kate SimpsonGreen PartyDagenham and Rainham
Peter HarrisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dagenham and Rainham1165
Alan DochertyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDarlington
Anne-Marie CurryLiberal DemocratsDarlington
David HodgsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Darlington
Jenny ChapmanLabour PartyDarlington8247
Mike CherringtonGreen PartyDarlington9939
Peter CuthbertsonConservative PartyDarlington804
Andy BlatchfordGreen PartyDartford
Elizabeth JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dartford
Gareth JohnsonConservative PartyDartford
Simon BeardLiberal DemocratsDartford
Simon ThomsonLabour PartyDartford384
Steve UnclesEnglish DemocratsDartford987
Abigail CampbellLabour PartyDaventry1013
Chris Heaton-HarrisConservative PartyDaventry8750
Michael Patrick GerardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Daventry56
Steve WhiffenGreen PartyDaventry314
David HansonLabour PartyDelyn10800
Kay RoneyGreen PartyDelyn
Mark IsherwoodConservative PartyDelyn2362
Nigel WilliamsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Delyn
Paul RowlinsonPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesDelyn6
Tom RippethLiberal DemocratsDelyn
Andrew FairfoullUK Independence Party (UKIP)Denton and Reddish2043
Andrew GwynneLabour PartyDenton and Reddish13323
Lana HempsallConservative PartyDenton and Reddish334
Mark JewellLiberal DemocratsDenton and Reddish337
Alice Mason-PowerGreen PartyDerby North62
Amanda SollowayConservative PartyDerby North386
Chris WilliamsonLabour PartyDerby North9556
Gaz PitchfordClass WarDerby North
Lucy CareLiberal DemocratsDerby North134
Tilly WardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Derby North
Chris FernandezTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDerby South
David FosterGreen PartyDerby South
Evonne WilliamsConservative PartyDerby South106
Joe NaittaLiberal DemocratsDerby South
Margaret BeckettLabour PartyDerby South
Victor WebbUK Independence Party (UKIP)Derby South
Andy BothamLabour PartyDerbyshire Dales313
Benjamin FearnLiberal DemocratsDerbyshire Dales419
Ian WoodGreen PartyDerbyshire Dales
John YoungUK Independence Party (UKIP)Derbyshire Dales
Patrick McLoughlinConservative PartyDerbyshire Dales
Chris WattsLabour PartyDevizes214
Claire PerryConservative PartyDevizes11543
David PollittUK Independence Party (UKIP)Devizes
Emma DawnayGreen PartyDevizes69
Manda RigbyLiberal DemocratsDevizes376
Adrian CrudenGreen PartyDewsbury1451
Ednan HussainLiberal DemocratsDewsbury
Mark ThackrayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dewsbury
Paula SherriffLabour PartyDewsbury2097
Simon ReevellConservative PartyDewsbury2784
Steve HakesChristian Peoples AllianceDewsbury
Carl JacksonConservative PartyDon Valley175
Caroline FlintLabour PartyDon Valley31158
Guy AstonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Don Valley421
Rene PatersonLiberal DemocratsDon Valley4
Steve WilliamsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDon Valley
Chris HodgsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Doncaster Central360
Joe RobinsonClass WarDoncaster Central
John BrownLiberal DemocratsDoncaster Central
Rosie WintertonLabour PartyDoncaster Central
Zoe MetcalfeConservative PartyDoncaster Central36
David AllenEnglish DemocratsDoncaster North
Ed MilibandLabour PartyDoncaster North390644
Flying BrickOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyDoncaster North
Kim ParkinsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Doncaster North
Mark FletcherConservative PartyDoncaster North197
Mary JacksonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDoncaster North
Penny BakerLiberal DemocratsDoncaster North
Pete KennedyGreen PartyDoncaster North487
Charlie ElphickeConservative PartyDover7349
Clair HawkinsLabour PartyDover1997
David LittleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dover546
Jolyon TriminghamGreen PartyDover46
Sarah SmithLiberal DemocratsDover855
Bill EtheridgeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dudley North3570
David PittTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDudley North
Ian AustinLabour PartyDudley North8742
Mike CollinsLiberal DemocratsDudley North
Will DuckworthGreen PartyDudley North3465
Martin TurnerLiberal DemocratsDudley South
Mike WoodConservative PartyDudley South596
Natasha MillwardLabour PartyDudley South1099
Paul Simon BrothwoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dudley South273
Vicky DuckworthGreen PartyDudley South254
Helen HayesLabour PartyDulwich and West Norwood1737
James BarberLiberal DemocratsDulwich and West Norwood747
Rashid NixGreen PartyDulwich and West Norwood287
Rathy AlagaratnamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dulwich and West Norwood16
Resham KotechaConservative PartyDulwich and West Norwood719
Steve NallyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDulwich and West Norwood248
Andrew MetcalfLiberal DemocratsDumfries and Galloway
Finlay CarsonConservative PartyDumfries and Galloway479
Richard ArklessScottish National Party (SNP)Dumfries and Galloway656
Russell BrownLabour PartyDumfries and Galloway3489
Amanda KubieLiberal DemocratsDumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Archie DryburghLabour PartyDumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale527
David MundellConservative PartyDumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale5194
Emma HarperScottish National Party (SNP)Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale2036
Jody JamiesonScottish Green PartyDumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale566
Kevin NewtonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Bill BowmanConservative PartyDundee East21
Craig DuncanLiberal DemocratsDundee East195
Helen GrayshanScottish Green PartyDundee East182
Jim BarlowTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDundee East
Lesley BrennanLabour PartyDundee East1192
Stewart HosieScottish National Party (SNP)Dundee East11643
Chris LawScottish National Party (SNP)Dundee West922
Daniel ColemanLiberal DemocratsDundee West237
Jim McFarlaneTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionDundee West368
Jim McGovernLabour PartyDundee West2033
Nicola RossConservative PartyDundee West223
Pauline HinchionScottish Green PartyDundee West290
Craig McNicolIndependentDunfermline and West Fife205
Douglas ChapmanScottish National Party (SNP)Dunfermline and West Fife2082
Gillian Cole-HamiltonLiberal DemocratsDunfermline and West Fife
James ReekieConservative PartyDunfermline and West Fife1425
Lewis CampbellScottish Green PartyDunfermline and West Fife441
Thomas DochertyLabour PartyDunfermline and West Fife2923
Christopher GillibrandUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dwyfor Meirionnydd42
Liz Saville RobertsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesDwyfor Meirionnydd534
Louise HughesIndependentDwyfor Meirionnydd
Mary ClarkeLabour PartyDwyfor Meirionnydd520
Neil FairlambConservative PartyDwyfor Meirionnydd28
Stephen ChurchmanLiberal DemocratsDwyfor Meirionnydd
Angie BrayConservative PartyEaling Central and Acton5823
Jon BallLiberal DemocratsEaling Central and Acton2374
Peter FlorenceUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ealing Central and Acton
Rupa HuqLabour PartyEaling Central and Acton2674
Tom SharmanGreen PartyEaling Central and Acton743
Afzal AkramUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ealing North
David HofmanTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionEaling North
Kevin McNamaraLiberal DemocratsEaling North2934
Meena HansGreen PartyEaling North
Steve PoundLabour PartyEaling North
Thomas O'MalleyConservative PartyEaling North
James SymesConservative PartyEaling, Southall503
Jaspreet MahalGreen PartyEaling, Southall
John PoyntonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ealing, Southall
Kavya KaushikLiberal DemocratsEaling, Southall2211
Virendra SharmaLabour PartyEaling, Southall7760
Susan McDonnellThe North East PartyEasington
Chris HampsheirConservative PartyEasington374
Grahame MorrisLabour PartyEasington12182
Jonathan ArnottUK Independence Party (UKIP)Easington2800
Martie WarinGreen PartyEasington132
Steve ColbornThe Socialist Party of Great BritainEasington
Margaret Anne McKillopSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)East Antrim
Noel JordanUK Independence Party (UK I P)East Antrim
Sammy WilsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.East Antrim
Stewart DicksonAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandEast Antrim2237
Andrew ChapmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Devon9
Claire WrightIndependentEast Devon889
Hugo SwireConservative PartyEast Devon10589
Steve RaceLabour PartyEast Devon2541
Stuart MoleLiberal DemocratsEast Devon59
Amanjit JhundLabour PartyEast Dunbartonshire1180
Andrew PolsonConservative PartyEast Dunbartonshire
Jo SwinsonLiberal DemocratsEast Dunbartonshire18148
John NicolsonScottish National Party (SNP)East Dunbartonshire3003
Ross GreerScottish Green PartyEast Dunbartonshire3154
Daniel OxleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Ham
David ThorpeLiberal DemocratsEast Ham
Lois AustinTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionEast Ham342
Samir JassalConservative PartyEast Ham76
Stephen TimmsLabour PartyEast Ham8116
Tamsin OmondGreen PartyEast Ham3030
Alex WilksLabour PartyEast Hampshire267
Damian HindsConservative PartyEast Hampshire5431
Peter BaillieUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Hampshire531
Peter BissetGreen PartyEast Hampshire19
Richard RobinsonLiberal DemocratsEast Hampshire
Graham SimpsonConservative PartyEast Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow461
Lisa CameronScottish National Party (SNP)East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow
Michael McCannLabour PartyEast Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow3455
Paul McGarryLiberal DemocratsEast Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow12700
Caoimhe ArchibaldSinn FÌ©inEast Londonderry286
Gregory CampbellDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.East Londonderry
William McCandlessUlster Unionist PartyEast Londonderry
Yvonne BoyleAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandEast Londonderry244
David RoachConservative PartyEast Lothian447
Ettie SpencerLiberal DemocratsEast Lothian54
Fiona O'DonnellLabour PartyEast Lothian4178
George KerevanScottish National Party (SNP)East Lothian1859
Jason RoseScottish Green PartyEast Lothian1655
Oluf MarshallUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Lothian335
Alan LouttitClass WarEast Renfrewshire
David MontgomeryConservative PartyEast Renfrewshire276
Graeme CowieLiberal DemocratsEast Renfrewshire
Jim MurphyLabour PartyEast Renfrewshire3
Kirsten OswaldScottish National Party (SNP)East Renfrewshire1564
Robert MalynUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Renfrewshire
David LeeLiberal DemocratsEast Surrey213
Helena WindsorUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Surrey445
Matt WilsonLabour PartyEast Surrey522
Nicola DodgsonGreen PartyEast Surrey160
Sam GyimahConservative PartyEast Surrey9769
Carl WalkerNational Health Action PartyEast Worthing and Shoreham524
James DoyleGreen PartyEast Worthing and Shoreham573
Jemima BlandLiberal DemocratsEast Worthing and Shoreham362
Mike GlennonUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Worthing and Shoreham
Tim LoughtonConservative PartyEast Worthing and Shoreham11939
Tim MacphersonLabour PartyEast Worthing and Shoreham717
Greg KnightConservative PartyEast Yorkshire2242
Kevin HicksonLabour PartyEast Yorkshire296
Mark MaloneyGreen PartyEast Yorkshire120
Robert AdamsonLiberal DemocratsEast Yorkshire46
Stephanie ToddUK Independence Party (UKIP)East Yorkshire174
Andrew DurlingGreen PartyEastbourne199
Caroline AnsellConservative PartyEastbourne2495
Jake LambertLabour PartyEastbourne578
Nigel JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Eastbourne
Paul HowardIndependentEastbourne
Stephen LloydLiberal DemocratsEastbourne1144
Colin BexWessex RegionalistsEastleigh
Mark LathamLabour PartyEastleigh861
Mike ThorntonLiberal DemocratsEastleigh3548
Mims DaviesConservative PartyEastleigh866
Patricia CulliganUK Independence Party (UKIP)Eastleigh941
Ron MeldrumGreen PartyEastleigh203
Andrew GarmanGreen PartyEddisbury
Charles DodmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Eddisbury
Ian PriestnerLiberal DemocratsEddisbury281
James LaingLabour PartyEddisbury147
Ayesha SaleemTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionEdinburgh East
James McMordieConservative PartyEdinburgh East345
Karen UttingLiberal DemocratsEdinburgh East
Oliver CorbishleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Edinburgh East
Peter McCollScottish Green PartyEdinburgh East3554
Sheila GilmoreLabour PartyEdinburgh East3816
Tommy SheppardScottish National Party (SNP)Edinburgh East2636
Alan MelvilleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Edinburgh North and Leith
Bruce WhiteheadLeft UnityEdinburgh North and Leith31
Deidre BrockScottish National Party (SNP)Edinburgh North and Leith1811
Iain McGillConservative PartyEdinburgh North and Leith4199
Jonathan HartleyIndependentEdinburgh North and Leith
Mark LazarowiczLabour PartyEdinburgh North and Leith2537
Martin VeartLiberal DemocratsEdinburgh North and Leith1438
Sarah Beattie-SmithScottish Green PartyEdinburgh North and Leith3349
Colin FoxScottish Socialist PartyEdinburgh South4776
Ian MurrayLabour PartyEdinburgh South9309
Miles BriggsConservative PartyEdinburgh South
Neil HayScottish National Party (SNP)Edinburgh South823
Paul MarshallUK Independence Party (UKIP)Edinburgh South
Phyl MeyerScottish Green PartyEdinburgh South266
Pramod SubbaramanLiberal DemocratsEdinburgh South6
Daniel Farthing-SykesLiberal DemocratsEdinburgh South West326
Gordon LindhurstConservative PartyEdinburgh South West
Hugh HatrickUK Independence Party (UKIP)Edinburgh South West
Joanna CherryScottish National Party (SNP)Edinburgh South West1326
Richard DohertyScottish Green PartyEdinburgh South West728
Ricky HendersonLabour PartyEdinburgh South West824
Cammy DayLabour PartyEdinburgh West1552
Lindsay PatersonConservative PartyEdinburgh West758
Michelle ThomsonScottish National Party (SNP)Edinburgh West1921
Mike CrockartLiberal DemocratsEdinburgh West3378
Otto InglisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Edinburgh West
Patricia BlackScottish Green PartyEdinburgh West
David SchmitzLiberal DemocratsEdmonton
Douglas CokerGreen PartyEdmonton
Gonul DanielsConservative PartyEdmonton1139
Kate OsamorLabour PartyEdmonton1795
Lewis PeacockTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionEdmonton
Neville WatsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Edmonton99
Felicity DowlingLeft UnityEllesmere Port and Neston
Jonathan StarkeyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ellesmere Port and Neston
Justin MaddersLabour PartyEllesmere Port and Neston
Katherine FletcherConservative PartyEllesmere Port and Neston241
Michelle PalmerGreen PartyEllesmere Port and Neston
Trish DerraughLiberal DemocratsEllesmere Port and Neston
Alec ShelbrookeConservative PartyElmet and Rothwell6173
Dave BrooksGreen PartyElmet and Rothwell
Paul SpiveyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Elmet and Rothwell
Stewart GoltonLiberal DemocratsElmet and Rothwell
Veronica KingLabour PartyElmet and Rothwell2360
Alex CunliffeLiberal DemocratsEltham
Clive EffordLabour PartyEltham4763
James ParkerGreen PartyEltham
Peter WhittleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Eltham519
Spencer DruryConservative PartyEltham426
Cara JenkinsonLiberal DemocratsEnfield North533
David FlintGreen PartyEnfield North734
Deborah CairnsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Enfield North258
Joan RyanLabour PartyEnfield North1024
Joe SimpsonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionEnfield North994
Nick de BoisConservative PartyEnfield North12128
Yemi AwowlaChristian Peoples AllianceEnfield North
Bambos CharalambousLabour PartyEnfield, Southgate1212
David BurrowesConservative PartyEnfield, Southgate5891
David SchofieldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Enfield, Southgate340
Jean Robertson-MolloyGreen PartyEnfield, Southgate193
Paul D SmithLiberal DemocratsEnfield, Southgate223
Andrew SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Epping Forest
Anna WiddupGreen PartyEpping Forest767
Eleanor LaingConservative PartyEpping Forest143
Gareth BarrettLabour PartyEpping Forest295
Mark WadsworthYoung People's Party YPPEpping Forest241
Chris GraylingConservative PartyEpsom and Ewell
Lionel BlackmanIndependentEpsom and Ewell
Robert LeachUK Independence Party (UKIP)Epsom and Ewell241
Sheila CarlsonLabour PartyEpsom and Ewell85
Stephen GeeLiberal DemocratsEpsom and Ewell
Susan McGrathGreen PartyEpsom and Ewell157
Catherine AtkinsonLabour PartyErewash1930
John ThomsonIndependentErewash27
Maggie ThroupConservative PartyErewash470
Martin GarnettLiberal DemocratsErewash
Philip S. RoseUK Independence Party (UKIP)Erewash1605
Victoria MartindaleGreen PartyErewash
Ann GarrettGreen PartyErith and Thamesmead
Anna FirthConservative PartyErith and Thamesmead641
Graham MooreEnglish DemocratsErith and Thamesmead1146
Ronie JohnsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Erith and Thamesmead
Samson IriajenLiberal DemocratsErith and Thamesmead
Sidney CordleChristian Peoples AllianceErith and Thamesmead499
Teresa PearceLabour PartyErith and Thamesmead5761
Andrew DavisLiberal DemocratsEsher and Walton179
Dominic RaabConservative PartyEsher and Walton
Francis EldergillLabour PartyEsher and Walton
Matt HeenanCannabis is Safer than AlcoholEsher and Walton4221
Nicholas WoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Esher and Walton549
Olivia PalmerGreen PartyEsher and Walton29
Ben BradshawLabour PartyExeter26172
Diana MooreGreen PartyExeter1463
Dom MorrisConservative PartyExeter1454
Edmund PottsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionExeter191
Joel MasonLiberal DemocratsExeter
Keith CrawfordUK Independence Party (UKIP)Exeter
Alison HarrisConservative PartyFalkirk
David CoburnUK Independence Party (UKIP)Falkirk9980
Galen MilneLiberal DemocratsFalkirk2
John McNallyScottish National Party (SNP)Falkirk197
Karen WhitefieldLabour PartyFalkirk397
Malcolm JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Fareham
Matthew WinningtonLiberal DemocratsFareham175
Miles GrindeyGreen PartyFareham880
Stuart RoseLabour PartyFareham90
Suella FernandesConservative PartyFareham653
Dave NaghiLiberal DemocratsFaversham and Mid Kent12
Hairy Knorm DavidsonOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyFaversham and Mid Kent
Helen WhatelyConservative PartyFaversham and Mid Kent
Michael DesmondLabour PartyFaversham and Mid Kent31
Peter Edwards-DaemUK Independence Party (UKIP)Faversham and Mid Kent168
Tim ValentineGreen PartyFaversham and Mid Kent550
Peter DulUK Independence Party (UKIP)Feltham and Heston
Roger CrouchLiberal DemocratsFeltham and Heston1158
Seema MalhotraLabour PartyFeltham and Heston9181
Simon NayyarConservative PartyFeltham and Heston383
Tony FirkinsGreen PartyFeltham and Heston156
Hannah SuAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandFermanagh and South Tyrone
John CoyleSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Michelle GildernewSinn FÌ©inFermanagh and South Tyrone9221
Tanya JonesGreen PartyFermanagh and South Tyrone358
Tom ElliottUlster Unionist PartyFermanagh and South Tyrone4579
Ben WalkerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Filton and Bradley Stoke5791
Diana WarnerGreen PartyFilton and Bradley Stoke351
Ian BoultonLabour PartyFilton and Bradley Stoke1444
Jack LoprestiConservative PartyFilton and Bradley Stoke1251
Pete BruceLiberal DemocratsFilton and Bradley Stoke
Adele WardGreen PartyFinchley and Golders Green1451
Jonathan DaviesLiberal DemocratsFinchley and Golders Green
Mike FreerConservative PartyFinchley and Golders Green5712
Richard KingUK Independence Party (UKIP)Finchley and Golders Green1553
Sarah SackmanLabour PartyFinchley and Golders Green2014
Andy ThomasThe Socialist Party of Great BritainFolkestone and Hythe
Claire JeffreyLabour PartyFolkestone and Hythe1095
Damian CollinsConservative PartyFolkestone and Hythe7311
Lynne BeaumontLiberal DemocratsFolkestone and Hythe2231
Martin WhybrowGreen PartyFolkestone and Hythe713
Rohen KapurYoung People's Party YPPFolkestone and Hythe1060
Seth CruseTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionFolkestone and Hythe315
Christopher ColemanLiberal DemocratsForest of Dean
Drew PrattenClass WarForest of Dean
James GreenwoodGreen PartyForest of Dean
Mark HarperConservative PartyForest of Dean4392
Steve StanburyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Forest of Dean
Steven Parry-HearnLabour PartyForest of Dean678
David HawthorneAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandFoyle33
GearÌ_id ÌÒ hEÌÁraSinn FÌ©inFoyle736
Julia KeeUlster Unionist PartyFoyle132
Kyle ThompsonUK Independence Party (UK I P)Foyle
Mark DurkanSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Foyle5485
Maurice DevenneyDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Foyle
Fred van MierloLiberal DemocratsFylde58
Jed SullivanLabour PartyFylde304
Mark MenziesConservative PartyFylde
Michael HillIndependentFylde
Paul WhiteUK Independence Party (UKIP)Fylde1850
Robert DennettGreen PartyFylde492
David PrescottLabour PartyGainsborough6733
Edward LeighConservative PartyGainsborough817
Geoffrey BarnesGreen PartyGainsborough10
John SaxonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gainsborough
Lesley RollingsLiberal DemocratsGainsborough
Anna MartinLiberal DemocratsGarston and Halewood1136
Maria EagleLabour PartyGarston and Halewood14433
Martin WilliamsConservative PartyGarston and Halewood
Ray LongUK Independence Party (UKIP)Garston and Halewood
William WardGreen PartyGarston and Halewood
Andy RedfernGreen PartyGateshead917
Frank HindleLiberal DemocratsGateshead37
Ian MearnsLabour PartyGateshead7613
John TennantUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gateshead617
Thomas SmithConservative PartyGateshead303
Carolyn AbbottConservative PartyGedling476
Jim NorrisGreen PartyGedling
Lee WatersUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gedling1790
Vernon CoakerLabour PartyGedling10674
Jacqui BerryTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGillingham and Rainham731
Martin CookUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gillingham and Rainham
Neil WilliamsGreen PartyGillingham and Rainham
Paul ChaplinLiberal DemocratsGillingham and Rainham189
Paul ClarkLabour PartyGillingham and Rainham488
Rehman ChishtiConservative PartyGillingham and Rainham718
Alison ThewlissScottish National Party (SNP)Glasgow Central4122
Anas SarwarLabour PartyGlasgow Central12862
Andrew ElliottTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGlasgow Central
Cass MacgregorScottish Green PartyGlasgow Central
Christopher YoungLiberal DemocratsGlasgow Central
Simon BoneConservative PartyGlasgow Central77
Stuart MaskellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Glasgow Central
Andy MorrisonConservative PartyGlasgow East1677
Gary McLellandLiberal DemocratsGlasgow East
Kim LongScottish Green PartyGlasgow East332
Liam MclaughlanScottish Socialist PartyGlasgow East2873
Margaret CurranLabour PartyGlasgow East12477
Matthew GraingerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Glasgow East
Natalie McGarryScottish National Party (SNP)Glasgow East8508
Angela McCormickTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGlasgow North
Ann McKechinLabour PartyGlasgow North3079
Jade O'NeilLiberal DemocratsGlasgow North343
Jamie RobertsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Glasgow North
Lauren HankinsonConservative PartyGlasgow North295
Martin BartosScottish Green PartyGlasgow North481
Patrick GradyScottish National Party (SNP)Glasgow North806
Victor MurphyChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Glasgow North
Anne McLaughlinScottish National Party (SNP)Glasgow North East2564
Annie WellsConservative PartyGlasgow North East265
Arthur ThackerayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Glasgow North East
Eileen BaxendaleLiberal DemocratsGlasgow North East
Jamie CocozzaTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGlasgow North East124
Willie BainLabour PartyGlasgow North East7593
Zara KitsonScottish Green PartyGlasgow North East3284
Carol MonaghanScottish National Party (SNP)Glasgow North West1193
James HarrisonLiberal DemocratsGlasgow North West891
John RobertsonLabour PartyGlasgow North West3742
Moira CrawfordScottish Green PartyGlasgow North West
Roger LewisConservative PartyGlasgow North West
Zoe HennessyCommunist Party of BritainGlasgow North West201
Alastair WhitelawScottish Green PartyGlasgow South
Brian SmithTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGlasgow South80
Ewan HoyleLiberal DemocratsGlasgow South
Kyle ThorntonConservative PartyGlasgow South1507
Stewart McDonaldScottish National Party (SNP)Glasgow South3050
Tom HarrisLabour PartyGlasgow South1112
Bill BonnarScottish Socialist PartyGlasgow South West528
Chris StephensScottish National Party (SNP)Glasgow South West3201
David JohnsonPatriotic Socialist PartyGlasgow South West
Gordon McCaskillConservative PartyGlasgow South West1325
Ian DavidsonLabour PartyGlasgow South West2760
Isabel NelsonLiberal DemocratsGlasgow South West
Sarah HemyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Glasgow South West97
Sean TempletonScottish Green PartyGlasgow South West33
Alex Stewart-ClarkConservative PartyGlenrothes
Jane Ann ListonLiberal DemocratsGlenrothes
Melanie WardLabour PartyGlenrothes3605
Peter GrantScottish National Party (SNP)Glenrothes312
Jeremy HiltonLiberal DemocratsGloucester154
Jonathan InglebyGreen PartyGloucester36
Richard FordUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gloucester227
Richard GrahamConservative PartyGloucester2597
Sophy GardnerLabour PartyGloucester1778
Sue PowellTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGloucester
Alex SalmondScottish National Party (SNP)Gordon149074
Braden DavyLabour PartyGordon2229
Christine JardineLiberal DemocratsGordon1303
Colin ClarkConservative PartyGordon
Emily SantosUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gordon
Alan DurrantLabour PartyGosport189
Caroline DinenageConservative PartyGosport5808
Christopher WoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gosport1843
Monica CassidyGreen PartyGosport
Rob HylandsLiberal DemocratsGosport
Baron Barnes von ClaptrapOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyGower
Byron DaviesConservative PartyGower2203
Colin BeckettUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gower
Darren ThomasPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesGower323
Julia MarshallGreen PartyGower
Liz EvansLabour PartyGower389
Mark EvansTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGower
Mike SheehanLiberal DemocratsGower
Aidan CampbellGreen PartyGrantham and Stamford
Barrie FairbairnLabour PartyGrantham and Stamford
Harrish BisnauthsingLiberal DemocratsGrantham and Stamford12
Marietta KingUK Independence Party (UKIP)Grantham and Stamford
Nicholas BolesConservative PartyGrantham and Stamford7189
Adam HollowayConservative PartyGravesham29
Mark LindopGreen PartyGravesham
Sean MarriottUK Independence Party (UKIP)Gravesham
Tanmanjit Singh DhesiLabour PartyGravesham1824
Gary CalderIndependentGreat Grimsby
Marc JonesConservative PartyGreat Grimsby2193
Melanie OnnLabour PartyGreat Grimsby1357
Steve BeasantLiberal DemocratsGreat Grimsby907
Val O'FlynnTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGreat Grimsby100
Vicky DunnGreen PartyGreat Grimsby498
Victoria AylingUK Independence Party (UKIP)Great Grimsby2158
Alan GreyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Great Yarmouth
Brandon LewisConservative PartyGreat Yarmouth13678
Harry WebbGreen PartyGreat Yarmouth584
Lara NorrisLabour PartyGreat Yarmouth1374
Sam TownleyCannabis is Safer than AlcoholGreat Yarmouth
Abbey AkinoshunGreen PartyGreenwich and Woolwich49
Lynne ChamberlainTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionGreenwich and Woolwich
Matt HartleyConservative PartyGreenwich and Woolwich1160
Matthew PennycookLabour PartyGreenwich and Woolwich3173
Ryan ActyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Greenwich and Woolwich225
Tom HolderLiberal DemocratsGreenwich and Woolwich598
Anne MiltonConservative PartyGuildford6007
Gerri SmythCannabis is Safer than AlcoholGuildford
Harry AldridgeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Guildford2735
John MorrisThe Peace Party - Non-violence, Justice, EnvironmentGuildford207
John PlettsGreen PartyGuildford10
Kelly-Marie BlundellLiberal DemocratsGuildford3101
Richard WilsonLabour PartyGuildford1503
Susan ParkerGuildford Greenbelt GroupGuildford677
Amy GrayConservative PartyHackney North and Stoke Newington1031
Diane AbbottLabour PartyHackney North and Stoke Newington77417
Heather FinlayGreen PartyHackney North and Stoke Newington
Jonathan SilbermanCommunist League Election CampaignHackney North and Stoke Newington
Keith FraserUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Simon de DeneyLiberal DemocratsHackney North and Stoke Newington335
Tim WellsClass WarHackney North and Stoke Newington
Angus SmallUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hackney South and Shoreditch
Ben MathisLiberal DemocratsHackney South and Shoreditch1300
Brian DebusTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionHackney South and Shoreditch
Charlotte GeorgeGreen PartyHackney South and Shoreditch607
Gordon ShrigleyIndependentHackney South and Shoreditch464
Jack TinleyConservative PartyHackney South and Shoreditch1027
Meg HillierLabour PartyHackney South and Shoreditch8811
Russell Shaw HiggsIndependentHackney South and Shoreditch54
Dean PerksUK Independence Party (UKIP)Halesowen and Rowley Regis1191
James MorrisConservative PartyHalesowen and Rowley Regis2552
John PayneGreen PartyHalesowen and Rowley Regis
Stephanie PeacockLabour PartyHalesowen and Rowley Regis2240
Gary ScottGreen PartyHalifax759
Holly Walker-LynchLabour PartyHalifax424
Liz PhillipsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Halifax
Mohammad IlyasLiberal DemocratsHalifax
Philip AllottConservative PartyHalifax1042
Carl MinnsLiberal DemocratsHaltemprice and Howden
David DavisConservative PartyHaltemprice and Howden
Diana WallisYorkshire FirstHaltemprice and Howden65
Edward HartLabour PartyHaltemprice and Howden70
John KitchenerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Haltemprice and Howden
Tim GreeneGreen PartyHaltemprice and Howden
David MelvinGreen PartyHalton
Derek TwiggLabour PartyHalton562
Glyn RedicanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Halton
Matthew LloydConservative PartyHalton50
Ryan BateLiberal DemocratsHalton126
Andrew SlaughterLabour PartyHammersmith13497
Charlie DewhirstConservative PartyHammersmith898
David AkanGreen PartyHammersmith126
Millicent ScottLiberal DemocratsHammersmith4769
Richard WoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hammersmith
Maajid NawazLiberal DemocratsHampstead and Kilburn2170
Magnus NielsenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hampstead and Kilburn30
Rebecca JohnsonGreen PartyHampstead and Kilburn194
Simon MarcusConservative PartyHampstead and Kilburn237
Tulip SiddiqLabour PartyHampstead and Kilburn7393
Darren WoodiwissGreen PartyHarborough
Edward GarnierConservative PartyHarborough854
Mark HuntUK Independence Party (UKIP)Harborough
Sundip MeghaniLabour PartyHarborough3208
Zuffar HaqLiberal DemocratsHarborough94
Dave BrownTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionHarlow
Murray SackwildGreen PartyHarlow483
Robert HalfonConservative PartyHarlow13615
Sam StopplecampUK Independence Party (UKIP)Harlow271
Suzy StrideLabour PartyHarlow3239
Andrew JonesConservative PartyHarrogate and Knaresborough4200
David SimisterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Harrogate and Knaresborough1108
Helen FlynnLiberal DemocratsHarrogate and Knaresborough898
Jan WilliamsLabour PartyHarrogate and Knaresborough36
Shan OakesGreen PartyHarrogate and Knaresborough1540
Adian PowelslandUK Independence Party (UKIP)Harrow East
Bob BlackmanConservative PartyHarrow East0
Emma WallaceGreen PartyHarrow East312
Nana AsanteTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionHarrow East493
Ross BarlowLiberal DemocratsHarrow East138
Uma KumaranLabour PartyHarrow East3803
Christopher NoyceLiberal DemocratsHarrow West
Gareth ThomasLabour PartyHarrow West5690
Hannah DavidConservative PartyHarrow West1571
Mohammed Ali BhattiUK Independence Party (UKIP)Harrow West
Rowan LangleyGreen PartyHarrow West
Iain WrightLabour PartyHartlepool4483
Michael HoltGreen PartyHartlepool241
Phillip BroughtonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hartlepool
Richard RoyalConservative PartyHartlepool876
Stephen PictonIndependentHartlepool910
Bernard JenkinConservative PartyHarwich and North Essex8391
Dominic GrahamLiberal DemocratsHarwich and North Essex299
Edward BrowneLabour PartyHarwich and North Essex131
Mark HughesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Harwich and North Essex1469
Amber RuddConservative PartyHastings and Rye7172
Andrew MichaelUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hastings and Rye
David LoftsThe Respect PartyHastings and Rye295
Jake BowersGreen PartyHastings and Rye634
Nick PerryLiberal DemocratsHastings and Rye394
Sarah OwenLabour PartyHastings and Rye4394
Alan MakConservative PartyHavant617
Graham GilesLabour PartyHavant
John PerryUK Independence Party (UKIP)Havant412
Steve SollittLiberal DemocratsHavant682
Tim DawesGreen PartyHavant585
Alick MunroGreen PartyHayes and Harlington28
Clifford DixonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hayes and Harlington849
John Martin McDonnellLabour PartyHayes and Harlington18011
Pearl LewisConservative PartyHayes and Harlington160
Satnam Kaur KhalsaLiberal DemocratsHayes and Harlington
Darran J PalmerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hazel Grove333
Lisa SmartLiberal DemocratsHazel Grove1249
Michael TaylorLabour PartyHazel Grove4381
William WraggConservative PartyHazel Grove995
Howard KochUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hemel Hempstead305
Mike PenningConservative PartyHemel Hempstead
Rabi MartinsLiberal DemocratsHemel Hempstead66
Tony BreslinLabour PartyHemel Hempstead1216
Chris PearsonConservative PartyHemsworth388
Jon TrickettLabour PartyHemsworth6697
Martin RobertsYorkshire FirstHemsworth213
Mary MacqueenLiberal DemocratsHemsworth57
Steve AshtonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hemsworth705
Alasdair HillLiberal DemocratsHendon439
Andrew DismoreLabour PartyHendon3803
Ben SamuelGreen PartyHendon845
Jeremy ZeidUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hendon
Matthew OffordConservative PartyHendon2308
Christopher JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Henley
John HowellConservative PartyHenley1072
Mark StevensonGreen PartyHenley
Sam JuthaniLabour PartyHenley277
Sue CooperLiberal DemocratsHenley10
Anna CodaLabour PartyHereford and South Herefordshire
Diana ToynbeeGreen PartyHereford and South Herefordshire75
Jesse NormanConservative PartyHereford and South Herefordshire14836
Lucy HurdsLiberal DemocratsHereford and South Herefordshire626
Nigel ElyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hereford and South Herefordshire
Adrian BakerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hertford and Stortford875
Katherine ChibahLabour PartyHertford and Stortford547
Mark PriskConservative PartyHertford and Stortford3514
Michael GreenLiberal DemocratsHertford and Stortford249
Sophie ChristophyGreen PartyHertford and Stortford485
Frank WardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hertsmere
Oliver DowdenConservative PartyHertsmere
Richard ButlerLabour PartyHertsmere484
David NicholsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hexham114
Guy OppermanConservative PartyHexham5517
Jeff ReidLiberal DemocratsHexham
Lee Williscroft-FerrisGreen PartyHexham3276
Liam CarrLabour PartyHexham1733
Abi JacksonGreen PartyHeywood and Middleton318
Anthony SmithLiberal DemocratsHeywood and Middleton154
Iain GartsideConservative PartyHeywood and Middleton535
John BickleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Heywood and Middleton1925
Liz McInnesLabour PartyHeywood and Middleton1783
Andrew BinghamConservative PartyHigh Peak5300
Caitlin BisknellLabour PartyHigh Peak1366
Charlotte FarrellGreen PartyHigh Peak
Ian GuiverUK Independence Party (UKIP)High Peak681
Stephen WorrallLiberal DemocratsHigh Peak
Bridget VickersEnglish DemocratsHitchin and Harpenden
John StockerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hitchin and Harpenden
Pauline PearceLiberal DemocratsHitchin and Harpenden
Peter LilleyConservative PartyHitchin and Harpenden35
Rachel BurginLabour PartyHitchin and Harpenden1443
Richard WiseGreen PartyHitchin and Harpenden29
Jill FraserLiberal DemocratsHolborn and St Pancras186
Keir StarmerLabour PartyHolborn and St Pancras5745
Maxine SpencerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Holborn and St Pancras67
Natalie BennettGreen PartyHolborn and St Pancras53699
Shane O'DonnellCannabis is Safer than AlcoholHolborn and St Pancras847
Will BlairConservative PartyHolborn and St Pancras1109
Angela WatkinsonConservative PartyHornchurch and Upminster
Jonathan MitchellLiberal DemocratsHornchurch and Upminster
Kevin NicholsChristian Peoples AllianceHornchurch and Upminster
Lawrence WebbUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hornchurch and Upminster1825
Melanie CollinsGreen PartyHornchurch and Upminster
Paul BorgBritish National PartyHornchurch and Upminster
Paul McGearyLabour PartyHornchurch and Upminster116
Catherine WestLabour PartyHornsey and Wood Green3584
Clive MorrisonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hornsey and Wood Green54
Gordon PetersGreen PartyHornsey and Wood Green232
Lynne FeatherstoneLiberal DemocratsHornsey and Wood Green19588
Marc VandalClass WarHornsey and Wood Green
Suhail RahujaConservative PartyHornsey and Wood Green
Darrin GreenGreen PartyHorsham
James SmithSomething NewHorsham1538
Jeremy QuinConservative PartyHorsham
Jim DugganThe Peace Party - Non-violence, Justice, EnvironmentHorsham
Jim RaeIndependentHorsham265
Martyn DavisLabour PartyHorsham73
Roger ArthurUK Independence Party (UKIP)Horsham
Alan RobinsonGreen PartyHoughton and Sunderland South
Bridget PhillipsonLabour PartyHoughton and Sunderland South9717
James MurrayLiberal DemocratsHoughton and Sunderland South
Richard ElvinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Houghton and Sunderland South811
Stewart HayConservative PartyHoughton and Sunderland South5
Christopher HawtreeGreen PartyHove1501
Dame DixonOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyHove45
Graham CoxConservative PartyHove1547
Kevin SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hove
Peter KyleLabour PartyHove3018
Peter LambellLiberal DemocratsHove
Andrew CooperGreen PartyHuddersfield2288
Barry SheermanLabour PartyHuddersfield6685
Itrat AliConservative PartyHuddersfield299
Mike ForsterTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionHuddersfield
Rob ButlerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Huddersfield
Zulfiqar AliLiberal DemocratsHuddersfield
Jonathan DjanoglyConservative PartyHuntingdon5765
Lord Toby JugThe Eccentric Party of Great BritainHuntingdon1076
Nik JohnsonLabour PartyHuntingdon763
Paul BullenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Huntingdon314
Rod CantrillLiberal DemocratsHuntingdon124
Tom MacLennanGreen PartyHuntingdon84
Alison FirthLiberal DemocratsHyndburn
Graham JonesLabour PartyHyndburn4204
Janet BrownUK Independence Party (UKIP)Hyndburn
Kerry GormleyGreen PartyHyndburn
Kevin HorkinConservative PartyHyndburn18780
David ReynoldsGreen PartyIlford North
Doris OsenIndependentIlford North
Lee ScottConservative PartyIlford North
Philip HydeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ilford North
Rich ClareLiberal DemocratsIlford North710
Wes StreetingLabour PartyIlford North12872
Amjad KhanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ilford South
Chris ChapmanConservative PartyIlford South689
Mike GapesLabour PartyIlford South7889
RoseMary WarringtonGreen PartyIlford South
George JabbourConservative PartyInverclyde91
Iain McKenzieLabour PartyInverclyde2627
John WatsonLiberal DemocratsInverclyde
Michael BurrowsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Inverclyde
Ronnie CowanScottish National Party (SNP)Inverclyde578
Arthur DuranceUK Independence Party (UKIP)Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey
Danny AlexanderLiberal DemocratsInverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey24747
Donald MacLeod BoydChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey41
Drew HendryScottish National Party (SNP)Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey2372
Edward MountainConservative PartyInverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey285
Isla O'ReillyScottish Green PartyInverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey353
Mike RobbLabour PartyInverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey351
Barry BroomGreen PartyIpswich1289
Ben GummerConservative PartyIpswich6783
Chika AkinwaleLiberal DemocratsIpswich115
David EllesmereLabour PartyIpswich570
Maria VigneauUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ipswich
Paul DaleyChristian Peoples AllianceIpswich
Peter TurtillIndependentIpswich11
Andrew TurnerConservative PartyIsle of Wight2018
David GoodallLiberal DemocratsIsle of Wight153
Iain McKieUK Independence Party (UKIP)Isle of Wight2763
Ian StephensIndependentIsle of Wight122
Stewart BlackmoreLabour PartyIsle of Wight300
Vix LowthionGreen PartyIsle of Wight690
Alex BurghartConservative PartyIslington North112
Bill MartinThe Socialist Party of Great BritainIslington North
Caroline RussellGreen PartyIslington North4463
Gregory CloughUK Independence Party (UKIP)Islington North
Jeremy CorbynLabour PartyIslington North25085
Julian GregoryLiberal DemocratsIslington North7
Charlie KissGreen PartyIslington South and Finsbury2044
Emily ThornberryLabour PartyIslington South and Finsbury15938
Mark LimConservative PartyIslington South and Finsbury152
Pete MuswellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Islington South and Finsbury60
Terry StacyLiberal DemocratsIslington South and Finsbury897
Brendan D'CruzLiberal DemocratsIslwyn24
Chris EvansLabour PartyIslwyn
Joe SmythUK Independence Party (UKIP)Islwyn
Laura JonesConservative PartyIslwyn
Lyn AckermanPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesIslwyn
Peter VarleyGreen PartyIslwyn
David HerbertGreen PartyJarrow96
Nick MasonConservative PartyJarrow229
Norman HallTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionJarrow216
Stan CollinsLiberal DemocratsJarrow
Stephen HepburnLabour PartyJarrow186
Steve HarrisonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Jarrow93
Gareth EppsLiberal DemocratsKeighley94
John GroganLabour PartyKeighley
Kris HopkinsConservative PartyKeighley6019
Paul LathamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Keighley46
Ros BrownGreen PartyKeighley
Bally SinghLabour PartyKenilworth and Southam1234
Harry CottamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kenilworth and Southam
Jeremy WrightConservative PartyKenilworth and Southam
Nicholas Blunderbuss GreenOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyKenilworth and Southam
Richard DicksonLiberal DemocratsKenilworth and Southam456
Rob BallantyneGreen PartyKenilworth and Southam
Jack BovillUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kensington137
Robin McGheeLiberal DemocratsKensington1155
Robina RoseGreen PartyKensington
Rod AbouharbLabour PartyKensington272
Toby AbseAlliance For Green SocialismKensington
Victoria BorwickConservative PartyKensington
Chris McGlynnLiberal DemocratsKettering
Derek HillingEnglish DemocratsKettering148
Jonathan BullockUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kettering
Philip HolloboneConservative PartyKettering
Rhea KeehnLabour PartyKettering867
Rob ReevesGreen PartyKettering
Alan BrownScottish National Party (SNP)Kilmarnock and Loudoun
Brian WhittleConservative PartyKilmarnock and Loudoun1274
Cathy JamiesonLabour PartyKilmarnock and Loudoun7020
Rod AcklandLiberal DemocratsKilmarnock and Loudoun
Ben RobertsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kingston and Surbiton
Clare KeoghGreen PartyKingston and Surbiton310
Edward DaveyLiberal DemocratsKingston and Surbiton8964
James BerryConservative PartyKingston and Surbiton435
Laurel FogartyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionKingston and Surbiton104
Lee GodfreyLabour PartyKingston and Surbiton698
Monkey the DrummerOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyKingston and Surbiton
Christine MackayConservative PartyKingston upon Hull East111
David NolanLiberal DemocratsKingston upon Hull East
Karl TurnerLabour PartyKingston upon Hull East12576
Martin G ClaytonYorkshire FirstKingston upon Hull East39
Richard BarrettUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kingston upon Hull East
Sarah WalpoleGreen PartyKingston upon Hull East
Dehenna DavisonConservative PartyKingston upon Hull North358
Diana R. JohnsonLabour PartyKingston upon Hull North12201
Martin DeaneGreen PartyKingston upon Hull North1121
Mike RossLiberal DemocratsKingston upon Hull North163
Sergi SinghUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kingston upon Hull North
Vicky ButlerYorkshire FirstKingston upon Hull North
Alan JohnsonLabour PartyKingston upon Hull West and Hessle
Angela NeedhamGreen PartyKingston upon Hull West and Hessle61
Claire ThomasLiberal DemocratsKingston upon Hull West and Hessle644
Mike WhiteheadConservative PartyKingston upon Hull West and Hessle689
Paul SalvidgeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle
Paul SpoonerTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionKingston upon Hull West and Hessle
Adam BoydenLiberal DemocratsKingswood187
Cezara NanuGreen PartyKingswood594
Chris SkidmoreConservative PartyKingswood4756
Duncan OdgersUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kingswood
Iam FooliganOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyKingswood
Jo McCarronLabour PartyKingswood2430
Richard WorthTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionKingswood2247
Callum LeslieLiberal DemocratsKirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath
Dave DempseyConservative PartyKirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath367
Jack NeillUK Independence Party (UKIP)Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath
Kenny SelbieLabour PartyKirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath
Roger MullinScottish National Party (SNP)Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath2266
Alice BramallConservative PartyKnowsley53
Carl CashmanLiberal DemocratsKnowsley395
George HowarthLabour PartyKnowsley
Phil GriffithsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Knowsley
Vikki GregorichGreen PartyKnowsley
Alan LoveUK Independence Party (UK I P)Lagan Valley188
Alexander RedpathUlster Unionist PartyLagan Valley1120
Jeffrey M. DonaldsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Lagan Valley6717
Trevor LunnAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandLagan Valley853
Alex AllisonConservative PartyLanark and Hamilton East
Angela CrawleyScottish National Party (SNP)Lanark and Hamilton East1379
Craig SmithChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Lanark and Hamilton East
Donald MackayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lanark and Hamilton East
Gregg CullenLiberal DemocratsLanark and Hamilton East
Jim HoodLabour PartyLanark and Hamilton East
Cat SmithLabour PartyLancaster and Fleetwood2883
Chris CoatesGreen PartyLancaster and Fleetwood
Eric OllerenshawConservative PartyLancaster and Fleetwood
Matthew AtkinsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lancaster and Fleetwood15
Ray SmithTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLancaster and Fleetwood
Robin LongLiberal DemocratsLancaster and Fleetwood19
Emma SpriggsLiberal DemocratsLeeds Central
Hilary BennLabour PartyLeeds Central18743
Liz KitchingTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLeeds Central51
Luke SeniorUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leeds Central265
Michael HaytonGreen PartyLeeds Central72
Nicola WilsonConservative PartyLeeds Central233
Ed SandersonLiberal DemocratsLeeds East355
Kate BissonGreen PartyLeeds East74
Mark ManiattUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leeds East
Richard BurgonLabour PartyLeeds East1014
Ryan StephensonConservative PartyLeeds East98
Aqila ChoudhryLiberal DemocratsLeeds North East624
Celia FooteAlliance For Green SocialismLeeds North East
Emma CarterGreen PartyLeeds North East
Fabian HamiltonLabour PartyLeeds North East5274
Simon WilsonConservative PartyLeeds North East666
Warren HendonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leeds North East92
Alex SobelLabour PartyLeeds North West3569
Bob BuxtonYorkshire FirstLeeds North West25
Greg MulhollandLiberal DemocratsLeeds North West12885
Julian MetcalfeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leeds North West
Mark FlanaganIndependentLeeds North West276
Mike DaviesAlliance For Green SocialismLeeds North West
Tim GoodallGreen PartyLeeds North West434
Alex Pierre-TravesConservative PartyLeeds West578
Andrew PointonGreen PartyLeeds West202
Anne MurgatroydUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leeds West
Ben MayorTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLeeds West308
Laura EdgeLiberal DemocratsLeeds West
Rachel ReevesLabour PartyLeeds West42054
Keith VazLabour PartyLeicester East10855
Kishan DevaniConservative PartyLeicester East1618
Michael BarkerTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLeicester East
Nimit JethwaGreen PartyLeicester East3
Susanna SteptoeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leicester East
Andrew WaltonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLeicester South75
Gabby GarciaGreen PartyLeicester South
Jon AshworthLabour PartyLeicester South13017
Leon Hadji-NikolaouConservative PartyLeicester South81
Parmjit Singh GillLiberal DemocratsLeicester South
Peter StoneUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leicester South
Heather RawlingTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLeicester West
Ian BradwellLiberal DemocratsLeicester West
Liz KendallLabour PartyLeicester West22364
Paul BessantConservative PartyLeicester West16
Peter HagueGreen PartyLeicester West
Stuart YoungUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leicester West
Andy BurnhamLabour PartyLeigh64908
Bill WinlowLiberal DemocratsLeigh
Les LeggettUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leigh12
Louisa TownsonConservative PartyLeigh795
Stephen HallLeft UnityLeigh
Alfie StirlingGreen PartyLewes286
Lloyd Russell-MoyleLabour PartyLewes6
Maria CaulfieldConservative PartyLewes1678
Norman BakerLiberal DemocratsLewes2144
Ray FinchUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lewes3142
Anne Marie WatersUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lewisham East2373
Heidi AlexanderLabour PartyLewisham East7619
Julia FletcherLiberal DemocratsLewisham East511
Nick LongLewisham People Before ProfitLewisham East271
Peter FortuneConservative PartyLewisham East315
Sțrm PoorunGreen PartyLewisham East644
Alex FeakesLiberal DemocratsLewisham West and Penge783
Gary HardingUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lewisham West and Penge36
Ian BoneClass WarLewisham West and Penge1498
Jim DowdLabour PartyLewisham West and Penge
Jim SmithLewisham People Before ProfitLewisham West and Penge78
Martin Powell-DaviesTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLewisham West and Penge1475
Russell JacksonConservative PartyLewisham West and Penge202
Tom ChanceGreen PartyLewisham West and Penge1936
Bim AfolamiConservative PartyLewisham, Deptford372
Chris FloodTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLewisham, Deptford106
Helen MercerLewisham People Before ProfitLewisham, Deptford91
John CoughlinGreen PartyLewisham, Deptford
Malcolm MartinChristian Peoples AllianceLewisham, Deptford45
Massimo DimambroUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lewisham, Deptford7
Michael BukolaLiberal DemocratsLewisham, Deptford473
Phillip BadgerDemocratic Reform PartyLewisham, Deptford
Vicky FoxcroftLabour PartyLewisham, Deptford2050
Ashley GunstockGreen PartyLeyton and Wanstead170
Carl QuilliamLiberal DemocratsLeyton and Wanstead908
John CryerLabour PartyLeyton and Wanstead220
Martin LevinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Leyton and Wanstead
Matthew ScottConservative PartyLeyton and Wanstead373
Andy BennettsClass WarLichfield
Chris WorseyLabour PartyLichfield1024
John RackhamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lichfield
Michael FabricantConservative PartyLichfield19057
Paul RayLiberal DemocratsLichfield
Robert PassGreen PartyLichfield194
Elaine SmithTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLincoln381
Karl McCartneyConservative PartyLincoln5712
Lucy RigbyLabour PartyLincoln5759
Nick SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Lincoln465
Ross PepperLiberal DemocratsLincoln289
Alistair ForrestUK Independence Party (UKIP)Linlithgow and East Falkirk
Emma Farthing-SykesLiberal DemocratsLinlithgow and East Falkirk
John ScholeyCannabis is Safer than AlcoholLinlithgow and East Falkirk
Martyn DayScottish National Party (SNP)Linlithgow and East Falkirk537
Michael ConnartyLabour PartyLinlithgow and East Falkirk
Sandy BathoConservative PartyLinlithgow and East Falkirk
Adam FordClass WarLiverpool, Riverside1677
Jackson NgConservative PartyLiverpool, Riverside759
Joe ChaffersUK Independence Party (UKIP)Liverpool, Riverside
Louise EllmanLabour PartyLiverpool, Riverside8099
Martin DobsonGreen PartyLiverpool, Riverside1467
Paul ChildsLiberal DemocratsLiverpool, Riverside733
Tony MulhearnTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLiverpool, Riverside218
DzonThe Pluralist PartyLiverpool, Walton12
Jonathan ClatworthyGreen PartyLiverpool, Walton
Norsheen BhattiConservative PartyLiverpool, Walton
Patrick MoloneyLiberal DemocratsLiverpool, Walton33
Steve FlatmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Liverpool, Walton
Steve RotheramLabour PartyLiverpool, Walton25634
Adam HetheringtonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Liverpool, Wavertree
Dave WalshTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLiverpool, Wavertree
James PearsonConservative PartyLiverpool, Wavertree
Leo EvansLiberal DemocratsLiverpool, Wavertree111
Luciana BergerLabour PartyLiverpool, Wavertree35078
Peter CranieGreen PartyLiverpool, Wavertree3141
Ed McRandalConservative PartyLiverpool, West Derby528
Neil MineyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Liverpool, West Derby36
Paul TwiggerLiberal DemocratsLiverpool, West Derby775
Rebecca LawsonGreen PartyLiverpool, West Derby
Stephen TwiggLabour PartyLiverpool, West Derby22887
Steve RadfordThe Liberal PartyLiverpool, West Derby
Charles DundasLiberal DemocratsLivingston
Chris DonnellyConservative PartyLivingston
Graeme MorriceLabour PartyLivingston
Hannah BardellScottish National Party (SNP)Livingston762
Nathan SomervilleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Livingston
Cen PhillipsLiberal DemocratsLlanelli
Guy SmithGreen PartyLlanelli35
Ken ReesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Llanelli
Nia GriffithLabour PartyLlanelli2492
Scott JonesTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionLlanelli
Selaine SaxbyConservative PartyLlanelli195
Sian CaiachPeople First - Gwerin GyntafLlanelli
Vaughan WilliamsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesLlanelli1669
Bill PiperUK Independence Party (UKIP)Loughborough
Matt SissonGreen PartyLoughborough206
Matthew O'CallaghanLabour PartyLoughborough899
Nicky MorganConservative PartyLoughborough26308
Colin MairUK Independence Party (UKIP)Louth and Horncastle
Lisa GabrielLiberal DemocratsLouth and Horncastle
Matthew Jason BrownLabour PartyLouth and Horncastle152
Peter E. HillOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyLouth and Horncastle
Romy RaynerGreen PartyLouth and Horncastle114
Victoria AtkinsConservative PartyLouth and Horncastle907
Charlotte BarnesLiberal DemocratsLudlow329
David KellyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ludlow
Janet Helen PhillipsGreen PartyLudlow979
Philip DunneConservative PartyLudlow1069
Simon SlaterLabour PartyLudlow
Allan WhiteUK Independence Party (UKIP)Luton North
Dean RussellConservative PartyLuton North2808
Kelvin HopkinsLabour PartyLuton North
Sofiya AhmedGreen PartyLuton North389
Ashuk AhmedLiberal DemocratsLuton South318
Gavin ShukerLabour PartyLuton South7768
Katie RedmondConservative PartyLuton South426
Paul WestonLiberty Great BritainLuton South1891
Simon HallGreen PartyLuton South
Yasin RehmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Luton South189
Adrian HowardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Macclesfield214
David RutleyConservative PartyMacclesfield4156
Joan PlimmerGreen PartyMacclesfield308
Neil ChristianLiberal DemocratsMacclesfield487
Tim RocaLabour PartyMacclesfield446
Charles SmithLabour PartyMaidenhead877
Emily BlythGreen PartyMaidenhead451
Herbie CrossmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Maidenhead221
Joe WilcoxClass WarMaidenhead
Theresa MayConservative PartyMaidenhead
Tony HillLiberal DemocratsMaidenhead
Allen SimpsonLabour PartyMaidstone and The Weald203
Eddie PowellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Maidstone and The Weald
Gary ButlerEnglish DemocratsMaidstone and The Weald
Hannah PattonGreen PartyMaidstone and The Weald462
Helen GrantConservative PartyMaidstone and The Weald11783
Jasper GerardLiberal DemocratsMaidstone and The Weald494
Paul HobdayNational Health Action PartyMaidstone and The Weald269
Andrew CollinsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Makerfield
John SkipworthLiberal DemocratsMakerfield
Yvonne FovargueLabour PartyMakerfield2654
Zehra ZaidiConservative PartyMakerfield1764
Beverley AcevedoUK Independence Party (UKIP)Maldon
John WhittingdaleConservative PartyMaldon
Peter EdwardsLabour PartyMaldon
Robert GravesGreen PartyMaldon
Zoe O'ConnellLiberal DemocratsMaldon1756
Alex DavidsonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionManchester Central
John ReidLiberal DemocratsManchester Central
Kieran Turner-DaveGreen PartyManchester Central369
Loz KayePirate Party UKManchester Central3819
Lucy PowellLabour PartyManchester Central13368
Myles PowerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Manchester Central267
Paul DaviesCommunist League Election CampaignManchester Central
Xingang WangConservative PartyManchester Central90
Cristian CheshaPirate Party UKManchester, Gorton931
Dave PageLiberal DemocratsManchester, Gorton912
Gerald KaufmanLabour PartyManchester, Gorton
Laura BannisterGreen PartyManchester, Gorton
Mohammed AfzalConservative PartyManchester, Gorton
Phil EckersleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Manchester, Gorton73
Simon HickmanTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionManchester, Gorton282
Jeff SmithLabour PartyManchester, Withington1539
John LeechLiberal DemocratsManchester, Withington6224
Lucy BannisterGreen PartyManchester, Withington462
Marcus FarmerIndependentManchester, Withington
Mark DaviesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Manchester, Withington
Robert ManningConservative PartyManchester, Withington1780
Alan MealeLabour PartyMansfield
Andrea ClarkeConservative PartyMansfield
Karen SeymourTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionMansfield
Sid PepperUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mansfield
Chris CarriganLiberal DemocratsMeon Valley13
Dave AlexanderUK Independence Party (UKIP)Meon Valley821
Diana KorchienGreen PartyMeon Valley293
Gemma McKennaLabour PartyMeon Valley188
George HollingberyConservative PartyMeon Valley2407
Ade AdeyemoLiberal DemocratsMeriden224
Alison GavinGreen PartyMeriden
Caroline SpelmanConservative PartyMeriden849
Mick GeeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Meriden22
Tom McNeilLabour PartyMeriden1171
Bill ReesConservative PartyMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney355
Bob GriffinLiberal DemocratsMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
David RowlandsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Eddy BlancheIndependentMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Elspeth ParrisGreen PartyMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney57
Gerald JonesLabour PartyMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney668
Rhayna PritchardPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Robert GriffithsCommunist Party of BritainMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
Ann KellyOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyMid Bedfordshire
Charlynne PullenLabour PartyMid Bedfordshire1315
Gareth EllisGreen PartyMid Bedfordshire469
John GuinnThe Whig PartyMid Bedfordshire59
Linda JackLiberal DemocratsMid Bedfordshire2369
Nadine DorriesConservative PartyMid Bedfordshire27275
Nigel WickensUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mid Bedfordshire562
Tim IrelandIndependentMid Bedfordshire
Hilary JonesLiberal DemocratsMid Derbyshire
Martin FitzpatrickUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mid Derbyshire
Nicola HeatonLabour PartyMid Derbyshire1399
Pauline LathamConservative PartyMid Derbyshire6441
Sue MacFarlaneGreen PartyMid Derbyshire
Mark ChiversGreen PartyMid Dorset and North Poole442
Michael TomlinsonConservative PartyMid Dorset and North Poole653
Patrick CanavanLabour PartyMid Dorset and North Poole658
Richard TurnerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mid Dorset and North Poole
Vikki SladeLiberal DemocratsMid Dorset and North Poole876
Anna CokeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mid Norfolk
George FreemanConservative PartyMid Norfolk9288
Harry ClarkeLabour PartyMid Norfolk1865
Paul SpeedLiberal DemocratsMid Norfolk68
Simeon JacksonGreen PartyMid Norfolk67
Beki AdamIndependentMid Sussex117
Daisy CooperLiberal DemocratsMid Sussex1938
Greg MountainLabour PartyMid Sussex203
Miranda DibollGreen PartyMid Sussex100
Nicholas SoamesConservative PartyMid Sussex3138
Toby BrothersUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mid Sussex
Alan DayUK Independence Party (UK I P)Mid Ulster576
Francie MolloySinn FÌ©inMid Ulster2883
Malachy QuinnSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Mid Ulster655
Sandra OverendUlster Unionist PartyMid Ulster3233
Margaret RowleyLiberal DemocratsMid Worcestershire18
Neil FranksGreen PartyMid Worcestershire40
Nigel HuddlestonConservative PartyMid Worcestershire417
Richard KeelUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mid Worcestershire
Robin LunnLabour PartyMid Worcestershire
Andy McDonaldLabour PartyMiddlesbrough4001
Hannah GrahamGreen PartyMiddlesbrough4895
Ian NeilUK Independence Party (UKIP)Middlesbrough
Richard KilpatrickLiberal DemocratsMiddlesbrough279
Simon ClarkeConservative PartyMiddlesbrough245
Mark ChadburnClass WarMiddlesbrough South and East Cleveland
Martin BramptonGreen PartyMiddlesbrough South and East Cleveland300
Steve TurnerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
Tom BlenkinsopLabour PartyMiddlesbrough South and East Cleveland9479
Will GoodhandConservative PartyMiddlesbrough South and East Cleveland627
Aisha MirLiberal DemocratsMidlothian
Gordon NorrieUK Independence Party (UKIP)Midlothian
Ian BaxterScottish Green PartyMidlothian688
Kenny YoungLabour PartyMidlothian
Michelle BallantyneConservative PartyMidlothian
Owen ThompsonScottish National Party (SNP)Midlothian2211
Emily DarlingtonLabour PartyMilton Keynes North1381
Jennifer MarklewGreen PartyMilton Keynes North291
Mark LancasterConservative PartyMilton Keynes North2472
Paul GrahamLiberal DemocratsMilton Keynes North
Stuart MooreUK Independence Party (UKIP)Milton Keynes North524
Andrew PakesLabour PartyMilton Keynes South4171
Iain StewartConservative PartyMilton Keynes South6171
Lisa SmithLiberal DemocratsMilton Keynes South
Samantha PancheriGreen PartyMilton Keynes South791
Stephen FultonIndependentMilton Keynes South
Vince PeddleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Milton Keynes South
Des CokeChristian Peoples AllianceMitcham and Morden
Diana ComanLiberal DemocratsMitcham and Morden368
Mason ReddingGreen PartyMitcham and Morden
Paul HolmesConservative PartyMitcham and Morden1672
Richard HiltonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mitcham and Morden1756
Siobhain McDonaghLabour PartyMitcham and Morden4877
Jacquetta FewsterGreen PartyMole Valley594
Leonard AmosLabour PartyMole Valley
Paul BeresfordConservative PartyMole Valley382
Paul KennedyLiberal DemocratsMole Valley675
Paul OakleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mole Valley3618
Christopher WereGreen PartyMonmouth296
David DaviesConservative PartyMonmouth3415
Gareth DunnUK Independence Party (UKIP)Monmouth
Jenny KnightEnglish DemocratsMonmouth83
Jonathan T ClarkPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesMonmouth218
Ruth JonesLabour PartyMonmouth332
Veronica GermanLiberal DemocratsMonmouth454
Des ParkinsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Montgomeryshire
Glyn DaviesConservative PartyMontgomeryshire4284
Jane DoddsLiberal DemocratsMontgomeryshire334
Richard ChalonerGreen PartyMontgomeryshire16
Angus RobertsonScottish National Party (SNP)Moray15847
Douglas RossConservative PartyMoray
James MacKessack-LeitchScottish Green PartyMoray344
James PatersonLiberal DemocratsMoray
Robert ScorerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Moray
Sean MortonLabour PartyMoray1217
Amina LoneLabour PartyMorecambe and Lunesdale4069
David MorrisConservative PartyMorecambe and Lunesdale4287
Matthew SevernLiberal DemocratsMorecambe and Lunesdale122
Phil ChandlerGreen PartyMorecambe and Lunesdale56
Steve OgdenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Morecambe and Lunesdale556
Andrea JenkynsConservative PartyMorley and Outwood1722
Arnie CravenYorkshire FirstMorley and Outwood
David DewsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Morley and Outwood
Ed BallsLabour PartyMorley and Outwood162714
Martin HemingwayGreen PartyMorley and Outwood88
Rebecca TaylorLiberal DemocratsMorley and Outwood2979
Frank RoyLabour PartyMotherwell and Wishaw443
Marion FellowsScottish National Party (SNP)Motherwell and Wishaw452
Meghan GallacherConservative PartyMotherwell and Wishaw208
Neil WilsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Motherwell and Wishaw
Ross LairdLiberal DemocratsMotherwell and Wishaw
Alasdair MorrisonLabour PartyNa h-Eileanan an Iar283
Angus MacNeilScottish National Party (SNP)Na h-Eileanan an Iar11782
John CormackChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Na h-Eileanan an Iar
Mark BrownConservative PartyNa h-Eileanan an Iar
Ruaraidh FergusonLiberal DemocratsNa h-Eileanan an Iar164
Catrin BrockGreen PartyNeath251
Christina ReesLabour PartyNeath1040
Clare BentleyLiberal DemocratsNeath
Daniel ThomasPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesNeath1024
Ed HastieConservative PartyNeath
Richard PritchardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Neath
Shangara SinghSocialist Labour PartyNeath
Andrew PopeLabour PartyNew Forest East1488
Bruce TennentLiberal DemocratsNew Forest East78
Julian LewisConservative PartyNew Forest East
Roy SwalesUK Independence Party (UKIP)New Forest East162
Sally MayGreen PartyNew Forest East
Desmond SwayneConservative PartyNew Forest West701
Imogen Shepherd-DuBeyLiberal DemocratsNew Forest West106
Janet RichardsGreen PartyNew Forest West
Lena SamuelsLabour PartyNew Forest West695
Paul BaileyUK Independence Party (UKIP)New Forest West
Brian MapletoftUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newark
David DobbieLiberal DemocratsNewark
Elayne ForsterGreen PartyNewark142
Michael PayneLabour PartyNewark2410
Paul BaggaleyIndependentNewark104
Robert JenrickConservative PartyNewark3130
Andrew StottPatriotic Socialist PartyNewbury
Barrie SingletonIndependentNewbury
Catherine AndersonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newbury
David YatesApolitical DemocratsNewbury
Jonny RobertsLabour PartyNewbury400
Judith BuntingLiberal DemocratsNewbury1604
Paul FieldGreen PartyNewbury59
Richard BenyonConservative PartyNewbury7816
Alex JohnsonGreen PartyNewcastle upon Tyne Central102
Chi OnwurahLabour PartyNewcastle upon Tyne Central11621
Daniel ThompsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newcastle upon Tyne Central
Nick CottLiberal DemocratsNewcastle upon Tyne Central438
Simon KitchenConservative PartyNewcastle upon Tyne Central97
Andrew GrayGreen PartyNewcastle upon Tyne East
David Robinson-YoungUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newcastle upon Tyne East
Duncan CruteConservative PartyNewcastle upon Tyne East
Mollie StevensonCommunist Party of BritainNewcastle upon Tyne East
Nick BrownLabour PartyNewcastle upon Tyne East
Paul PhillipsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionNewcastle upon Tyne East690
Wendy TaylorLiberal DemocratsNewcastle upon Tyne East100
Alison WhalleyGreen PartyNewcastle upon Tyne North
Anita LowerLiberal DemocratsNewcastle upon Tyne North
Catherine McKinnellLabour PartyNewcastle upon Tyne North8829
Stephen BatesConservative PartyNewcastle upon Tyne North
Tim MarronUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newcastle upon Tyne North
Violet RookThe North East PartyNewcastle upon Tyne North
Ian WilkesLiberal DemocratsNewcastle-under-Lyme58
Paul FarrellyLabour PartyNewcastle-under-Lyme
Phil WoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newcastle-under-Lyme233
Sam GibbonsGreen PartyNewcastle-under-Lyme
Tony CoxConservative PartyNewcastle-under-Lyme228
David McleanGreen PartyNewport East96
David StockUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newport East
Jessica MordenLabour PartyNewport East2158
Natasha AsgharConservative PartyNewport East
Paul HallidayLiberal DemocratsNewport East469
Tony SalkeldPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesNewport East
Ed TownsendLiberal DemocratsNewport West36
Gordon NorrieUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newport West
Nick WebbConservative PartyNewport West
Paul FlynnLabour PartyNewport West10452
Pippa BartolottiGreen PartyNewport West1647
Simon CoopeyPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesNewport West1195
Danny KennedyUlster Unionist PartyNewry and Armagh
Justin McNultySDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Newry and Armagh
Mickey BradySinn FÌ©inNewry and Armagh1040
Anne Marie MorrisConservative PartyNewton Abbot6006
Richard Younger-RossLiberal DemocratsNewton Abbot369
Rod PeersUK Independence Party (UKIP)Newton Abbot
Roy FreerLabour PartyNewton Abbot225
Sean BroganTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionNewton Abbot
Steven Smyth-BonfieldGreen PartyNewton Abbot
Beth PrescottConservative PartyNormanton, Pontefract and Castleford631
Edward McMillan-ScottLiberal DemocratsNormanton, Pontefract and Castleford4410
Nathan GarbuttUK Independence Party (UKIP)Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford1116
Yvette CooperLabour PartyNormanton, Pontefract and Castleford55564
DaithÌ_ McKaySinn FÌ©inNorth Antrim6136
Ian Paisley JnrDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.North Antrim
Jayne DunlopAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandNorth Antrim
Robert HillUK Independence Party (UK I P)North Antrim
Robin SwannUlster Unionist PartyNorth Antrim2562
Timothy GastonTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVNorth Antrim359
Jamie GreeneConservative PartyNorth Ayrshire and Arran687
Katy ClarkLabour PartyNorth Ayrshire and Arran3698
Patricia GibsonScottish National Party (SNP)North Ayrshire and Arran
Ruby KirkwoodLiberal DemocratsNorth Ayrshire and Arran22
Sharon McGonigalUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Ayrshire and Arran1530
Amanda PenningtonGreen PartyNorth Cornwall326
Dan RogersonLiberal DemocratsNorth Cornwall
John WhitbyLabour PartyNorth Cornwall122
Julie LingardUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Cornwall
Scott MannConservative PartyNorth Cornwall650
Gerrard Anthony SablesCommunist Party of BritainNorth Devon
Mark CannLabour PartyNorth Devon116
Nick HarveyLiberal DemocratsNorth Devon1168
Peter Heaton-JonesConservative PartyNorth Devon702
Ricky KnightGreen PartyNorth Devon528
Steven CrowtherUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Devon
Hugo Mi̩villeLiberal DemocratsNorth Dorset2
Kim FendleyLabour PartyNorth Dorset
Richard BarringtonGreen PartyNorth Dorset
Simon HoareConservative PartyNorth Dorset40
Steve UnwinUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Dorset851
Andrew MuirAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandNorth Down2367
Glenn DonnellyIndependentNorth Down
Jonny LaveryUK Independence Party (UK I P)North Down1434
Mark BrotherstonConservative and Unionist PartyNorth Down292
Steven AgnewGreen PartyNorth Down8500
Sylvia HermonIndependentNorth Down
William CudworthTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVNorth Down147
Kevan JonesLabour PartyNorth Durham7829
Laetitia GlossopConservative PartyNorth Durham113
Peter MaughanLiberal DemocratsNorth Durham
Adrianne SmythUK Independence Party (UKIP)North East Bedfordshire
Alistair BurtConservative PartyNorth East Bedfordshire7664
Peter MorrisLiberal DemocratsNorth East Bedfordshire
Saqhib AliLabour PartyNorth East Bedfordshire68
Andrew CharalambousUK Independence Party (UKIP)North East Cambridgeshire34225
Helen Scott-DanielsGreen PartyNorth East Cambridgeshire162
Ken RustidgeLabour PartyNorth East Cambridgeshire131
Lucy NethsinghaLiberal DemocratsNorth East Cambridgeshire177
Stephen BarclayConservative PartyNorth East Cambridgeshire6393
David BateyLiberal DemocratsNorth East Derbyshire
David KestevenGreen PartyNorth East Derbyshire
James BushUK Independence Party (UKIP)North East Derbyshire
Lee RowleyConservative PartyNorth East Derbyshire408
Natascha EngelLabour PartyNorth East Derbyshire1202
Andy CollinsScottish Green PartyNorth East Fife63
Brian ThomsonLabour PartyNorth East Fife255
Colin MitchellsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)North East Fife
Huw BellConservative PartyNorth East Fife646
Stephen GethinsScottish National Party (SNP)North East Fife2052
Tim BrettLiberal DemocratsNorth East Fife226
Amran HussainLabour PartyNorth East Hampshire23761
Andrew JohnstonGreen PartyNorth East Hampshire629
Cardinal PointOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyNorth East Hampshire
Graham CockarillLiberal DemocratsNorth East Hampshire
Ranil JayawardenaConservative PartyNorth East Hampshire614
Rob BlayUK Independence Party (UKIP)North East Hampshire
Chris YorkLabour PartyNorth East Hertfordshire637
Mario MayGreen PartyNorth East Hertfordshire58
Oliver HealdConservative PartyNorth East Hertfordshire915
William ComptonUK Independence Party (UKIP)North East Hertfordshire
Ernie BlaberUK Independence Party (UKIP)North East Somerset
Jacob Rees-MoggConservative PartyNorth East Somerset
Katy BoyceGreen PartyNorth East Somerset116
Todd ForemanLabour PartyNorth East Somerset1527
Wera HobhouseLiberal DemocratsNorth East Somerset957
Bill WigginConservative PartyNorth Herefordshire375
Daisy BlenchGreen PartyNorth Herefordshire16
Jeanie FalconerLiberal DemocratsNorth Herefordshire112
Jonathan OaktonUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Herefordshire
Sally PrenticeLabour PartyNorth Herefordshire989
Ann StewardConservative PartyNorth Norfolk1107
Denise BurkeLabour PartyNorth Norfolk535
Michael BakerUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Norfolk454
Mike Macartney-FilgateGreen PartyNorth Norfolk
Norman LambLiberal DemocratsNorth Norfolk16150
Andrea AllenUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Shropshire
Duncan KerrGreen PartyNorth Shropshire31
Graeme CurrieLabour PartyNorth Shropshire189
Owen PatersonConservative PartyNorth Shropshire3044
Tom ThornhillLiberal DemocratsNorth Shropshire494
David DerbyshireGreen PartyNorth Somerset546
Greg ChambersLabour PartyNorth Somerset
Ian KealeyUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Somerset
Liam FoxConservative PartyNorth Somerset10131
Marcus KravisLiberal DemocratsNorth Somerset521
James FaulknerUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Swindon92
Janet EllardLiberal DemocratsNorth Swindon
Justin TomlinsonConservative PartyNorth Swindon6910
Mark DempseyLabour PartyNorth Swindon935
Poppy Hebden-LeederGreen PartyNorth Swindon631
Cemanthe McKenzieIndependentNorth Thanet104
Ed TargettGreen PartyNorth Thanet702
Frances RehalLabour PartyNorth Thanet204
George CunninghamLiberal DemocratsNorth Thanet176
Piers WauchopeUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Thanet951
Roger GaleConservative PartyNorth Thanet
John ApplebyLiberal DemocratsNorth Tyneside
Martin CollinsGreen PartyNorth Tyneside543
Martin McGannConservative PartyNorth Tyneside258
Mary GlindonLabour PartyNorth Tyneside
Scott HartleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Tyneside193
Tim WallTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionNorth Tyneside962
Craig TraceyConservative PartyNorth Warwickshire694
Eileen HunterTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionNorth Warwickshire
Mike O'BrienLabour PartyNorth Warwickshire683
William CashUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Warwickshire97
Nick SandfordLiberal DemocratsNorth West Cambridgeshire
Nick ThulbournLabour PartyNorth West Cambridgeshire186
Nicola DayGreen PartyNorth West Cambridgeshire700
Peter ReeveUK Independence Party (UKIP)North West Cambridgeshire3255
Shailesh VaraConservative PartyNorth West Cambridgeshire
Charlotte Haitham TaylorConservative PartyNorth West Durham23
Mark ShilcockGreen PartyNorth West Durham
Owen TempleLiberal DemocratsNorth West Durham180
Pat GlassLabour PartyNorth West Durham7440
Alex PaytonLiberal DemocratsNorth West Hampshire43
Andrew AdamsLabour PartyNorth West Hampshire361
Dan HillGreen PartyNorth West Hampshire
Kit MalthouseConservative PartyNorth West Hampshire3211
Susan PerkinsUK Independence Party (UKIP)North West Hampshire488
Andrew BridgenConservative PartyNorth West Leicestershire6359
Andy McWilliamUK Independence Party (UKIP)North West Leicestershire
Jamie McMahonLabour PartyNorth West Leicestershire1479
Mark ArgentLiberal DemocratsNorth West Leicestershire
Henry BellinghamConservative PartyNorth West Norfolk
Hugh LanhamLiberal DemocratsNorth West Norfolk738
Joanne RustLabour PartyNorth West Norfolk654
Michael de WhalleyGreen PartyNorth West Norfolk59
Richard CokeUK Independence Party (UKIP)North West Norfolk
Brian MathewLiberal DemocratsNorth Wiltshire157
James GrayConservative PartyNorth Wiltshire6074
Pat BryantUK Independence Party (UKIP)North Wiltshire
Peter BaldreyLabour PartyNorth Wiltshire
Phil ChamberlainGreen PartyNorth Wiltshire186
Simon KillaneIndependentNorth Wiltshire1158
Angela PatersonLiberal DemocratsNorthampton North16
Michael EllisConservative PartyNorthampton North3297
Paul OakdenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Northampton North
Sally KeebleLabour PartyNorthampton North992
Tony ClarkeGreen PartyNorthampton North679
David MackintoshConservative PartyNorthampton South2385
Julie HawkinsGreen PartyNorthampton South
Kevin McKeeverLabour PartyNorthampton South4427
Rose GibbinsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Northampton South
Sadik ChaudhuryLiberal DemocratsNorthampton South
Adrian HolmesGreen PartyNorwich North
Chloe SmithConservative PartyNorwich North8732
Glenn TingleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Norwich North275
James WrightLiberal DemocratsNorwich North129
Jessica AsatoLabour PartyNorwich North10990
Walter KovacsClass WarNorwich North
Clive LewisLabour PartyNorwich South2683
Lesley GrahameGreen PartyNorwich South932
Lisa TownsendConservative PartyNorwich South454
Simon WrightLiberal DemocratsNorwich South3600
Stan GrantClass WarNorwich South
Stephen EmmensUK Independence Party (UKIP)Norwich South
Antonia ZenkevitchGreen PartyNottingham East358
Chris LeslieLabour PartyNottingham East9051
Fran LoiUK Independence Party (UKIP)Nottingham East
Garry HicktonConservative PartyNottingham East152
James StephensonIndependentNottingham East176
John LamportNational Health Action PartyNottingham East306
Seb SoarIndependentNottingham East303
Tadeusz JonesLiberal DemocratsNottingham East
Ben TurffClass WarNottingham North
Cathy MeadowsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionNottingham North
Graham AllenLabour PartyNottingham North4111
Kat BoettgeGreen PartyNottingham North911
Louise Burfitt-DonsConservative PartyNottingham North4281
Stephen CrosbyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Nottingham North16
Tony SuttonLiberal DemocratsNottingham North76
Adam McGregorGreen PartyNottingham South
Andrew ClayworthTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionNottingham South
David HollasUK Independence Party (UKIP)Nottingham South17
Jane HuntConservative PartyNottingham South859
Lilian GreenwoodLabour PartyNottingham South9766
Alwyn WaineUK Independence Party (UKIP)Nuneaton
Keith KondakorGreen PartyNuneaton682
Marcus JonesConservative PartyNuneaton2117
Paul ReillyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionNuneaton
Victoria FowlerLabour PartyNuneaton818
Gordon BanksLabour PartyOchil and South Perthshire1386
Iliyan StefanovLiberal DemocratsOchil and South Perthshire3
Luke GrahamConservative PartyOchil and South Perthshire136
Tasmina SheikhScottish National Party (SNP)Ochil and South Perthshire5693
Elis Rhys GriffithsGreen PartyOgmore
Emma SaundersTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionOgmore
Gerald FrancisLiberal DemocratsOgmore5
Glenda DaviesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ogmore
Huw Irranca-DaviesLabour PartyOgmore8840
Jane MarchConservative PartyOgmore
Tim ThomasPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesOgmore810
Bob GillNational Health Action PartyOld Bexley and Sidcup1543
Catherine ReillyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Old Bexley and Sidcup
Derek MoranGreen PartyOld Bexley and Sidcup39
Ibrahim MehmetLabour PartyOld Bexley and Sidcup443
James BrokenshireConservative PartyOld Bexley and Sidcup7645
Jennifer KeenLiberal DemocratsOld Bexley and Sidcup
Laurence WilliamsChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Old Bexley and Sidcup361
Debbie AbrahamsLabour PartyOldham East and Saddleworth13723
Miranda MeadowcroftGreen PartyOldham East and Saddleworth23
Peter KlonowskiUK Independence Party (UKIP)Oldham East and Saddleworth
Richard MarbrowLiberal DemocratsOldham East and Saddleworth624
Sajjad HussainConservative PartyOldham East and Saddleworth293
Garth HarknessLiberal DemocratsOldham West and Royton705
Kamran GhafoorConservative PartyOldham West and Royton
Michael MeacherLabour PartyOldham West and Royton9010
Alistair CarmichaelLiberal DemocratsOrkney and Shetland6379
Danus SkeneScottish National Party (SNP)Orkney and Shetland326
Donald CameronConservative PartyOrkney and Shetland
Gerry McGarveyLabour PartyOrkney and Shetland72
Robert SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Orkney and Shetland
Idham RamadiUK Independence Party (UKIP)Orpington1190
Jo JohnsonConservative PartyOrpington5583
Nigel de GruchyLabour PartyOrpington41
Peter BrooksLiberal DemocratsOrpington57
Tamara GallowayGreen PartyOrpington38
Alasdair de Voil - the Mad HatterOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyOxford East5
Alasdair MurrayLiberal DemocratsOxford East189
Andrew SmithLabour PartyOxford East1461
Ann DuncanGreen PartyOxford East60
Ian MacdonaldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Oxford East396
James MorbinTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionOxford East
Kevin ParkinThe Socialist Party of Great BritainOxford East
Melanie MageeConservative PartyOxford East674
Alan HarrisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Oxford West and Abingdon16
Helen SalisburyNational Health Action PartyOxford West and Abingdon413
Larry SandersGreen PartyOxford West and Abingdon
Layla MoranLiberal DemocratsOxford West and Abingdon2253
Mike FosterThe Socialist Party of Great BritainOxford West and Abingdon
Nicola BlackwoodConservative PartyOxford West and Abingdon6771
Sally CopleyLabour PartyOxford West and Abingdon570
Andrew DoyleCannabis is Safer than AlcoholPaisley and Renfrewshire North
Gavin NewlandsScottish National Party (SNP)Paisley and Renfrewshire North703
James SheridanLabour PartyPaisley and Renfrewshire North50
James SpeirsLiberal DemocratsPaisley and Renfrewshire North
Jim HalfpennyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionPaisley and Renfrewshire North
John AndersonConservative PartyPaisley and Renfrewshire North
Ryan MorrisonScottish Green PartyPaisley and Renfrewshire North91
Douglas AlexanderLabour PartyPaisley and Renfrewshire South38689
Eileen McCartinLiberal DemocratsPaisley and Renfrewshire South
Fraser GallowayConservative PartyPaisley and Renfrewshire South87
Mhairi BlackScottish National Party (SNP)Paisley and Renfrewshire South2914
Sandra WebsterScottish Socialist PartyPaisley and Renfrewshire South2396
Andrew StephensonConservative PartyPendle10145
Azhar AliLabour PartyPendle1143
Graham RoachLiberal DemocratsPendle
Mick WaddingtonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Pendle
Angela SmithLabour PartyPenistone and Stocksbridge6591
Colin PorterEnglish DemocratsPenistone and Stocksbridge
Graeme WaddicarUK Independence Party (UKIP)Penistone and Stocksbridge6
Laura GordonLiberal DemocratsPenistone and Stocksbridge
Steven JacksonConservative PartyPenistone and Stocksbridge
Brian BurrowGreen PartyPenrith and The Border
John StanyerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Penrith and The Border207
Lee RushworthLabour PartyPenrith and The Border49
Neil HughesLiberal DemocratsPenrith and The Border
Rory StewartConservative PartyPenrith and The Border20920
Alexander StewartConservative PartyPerth and North Perthshire
Louise RamsayScottish Green PartyPerth and North Perthshire
Pete WishartScottish National Party (SNP)Perth and North Perthshire13424
Peter BarrettLiberal DemocratsPerth and North Perthshire62
Scott NicholsonLabour PartyPerth and North Perthshire1010
Chris AshThe Liberal PartyPeterborough
Darren Bisby-BoydGreen PartyPeterborough638
Darren FowerLiberal DemocratsPeterborough14356
Fay BelhamChristian Peoples AlliancePeterborough
Lisa ForbesLabour PartyPeterborough2064
Mary HerdmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Peterborough179
Stewart JacksonConservative PartyPeterborough10781
Alison SeabeckLabour PartyPlymouth, Moor View7709
Ben OsbornGreen PartyPlymouth, Moor View
Johnny MercerConservative PartyPlymouth, Moor View10272
Louise ParkerTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionPlymouth, Moor View
Penny MillsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Plymouth, Moor View629
Stuart BonarLiberal DemocratsPlymouth, Moor View1023
Graham ReedLiberal DemocratsPlymouth, Sutton and Devonport36
Laura-Jane RossingtonCommunist Party of BritainPlymouth, Sutton and Devonport
Libby BrownGreen PartyPlymouth, Sutton and Devonport
Luke PollardLabour PartyPlymouth, Sutton and Devonport6237
Oliver ColvileConservative PartyPlymouth, Sutton and Devonport4364
Roy KettleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport
Ryan AldredTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionPlymouth, Sutton and Devonport132
Andrew TomkinsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Pontypridd
Ann-Marie MasonConservative PartyPontypridd
Damien BiggsSocialist Labour PartyPontypridd258
Esther PearsonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionPontypridd
Katy ClayGreen PartyPontypridd
Mike PowellLiberal DemocratsPontypridd825
Osian LewisPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesPontypridd956
Owen SmithLabour PartyPontypridd8174
Adrian OliverGreen PartyPoole
David YoungUK Independence Party (UKIP)Poole
Helen RosserLabour PartyPoole
Mark HowellThe Party for Poole People Ltd.Poole25
Philip EadesLiberal DemocratsPoole159
Robert SymsConservative PartyPoole1164
Christopher WilfordConservative PartyPoplar and Limehouse573
Elaine BagshawLiberal DemocratsPoplar and Limehouse2276
Hugo PierreTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionPoplar and Limehouse427
Jim FitzpatrickLabour PartyPoplar and Limehouse4482
Maureen ChildsGreen PartyPoplar and Limehouse38
Nicholas McQueenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Poplar and Limehouse
Darren SandersLiberal DemocratsPortsmouth North128
Gavin EllisGreen PartyPortsmouth North56
John FerrettLabour PartyPortsmouth North1260
Jon WoodsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionPortsmouth North51
Mike FitzgeraldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Portsmouth North5
Penny MordauntConservative PartyPortsmouth North13266
Don JerrardThe Justice & Anti-Corruption PartyPortsmouth South
Flick DrummondConservative PartyPortsmouth South955
Gerald Vernon-JacksonLiberal DemocratsPortsmouth South611
Ian McCullochGreen PartyPortsmouth South759
Sean HoyleTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionPortsmouth South
Steve HarrisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Portsmouth South
Sue CastillonLabour PartyPortsmouth South446
Chris OvertonIndependentPreseli Pembrokeshire
Frances BryantGreen PartyPreseli Pembrokeshire
Howard LillymanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Preseli Pembrokeshire
John OsmondPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesPreseli Pembrokeshire
Nick TregoningLiberal DemocratsPreseli Pembrokeshire
Paul MillerLabour PartyPreseli Pembrokeshire605
Stephen CrabbConservative PartyPreseli Pembrokeshire7045
Gemma ChristieGreen PartyPreston
James BarkerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Preston
Jo BartonLiberal DemocratsPreston65
Mark HendrickLabour PartyPreston735
Richard HoldenConservative PartyPreston1004
Claire AllenGreen PartyPudsey803
Jamie HanleyLabour PartyPudsey7716
Roger TattersallUK Independence Party (UKIP)Pudsey1767
Ryk DownesLiberal DemocratsPudsey379
Stuart AndrewConservative PartyPudsey7817
Andy HallettLiberal DemocratsPutney53
Chris PooleGreen PartyPutney176
Justine GreeningConservative PartyPutney21701
Patricia WardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Putney
Sheila BoswellLabour PartyPutney931
David HoughLabour PartyRayleigh and Wickford670
John HayterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rayleigh and Wickford
Linda KendallIndependentRayleigh and Wickford
Mark FrancoisConservative PartyRayleigh and Wickford
Mike PittLiberal DemocratsRayleigh and Wickford
Sarah YappGreen PartyRayleigh and Wickford52
Jenny WoodsLiberal DemocratsReading East1350
Matt RoddaLabour PartyReading East643
Peter Mason-AppsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Reading East
Rob WhiteGreen PartyReading East1715
Rob WilsonConservative PartyReading East7413
Alok SharmaConservative PartyReading West1958
Malik AzamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Reading West
Meri O'ConnellLiberal DemocratsReading West77
Miriam KennetGreen PartyReading West
Neil AdamsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionReading West
Suzie FergusonIndependentReading West1283
Victoria GroulefLabour PartyReading West2947
Anna TurleyLabour PartyRedcar4776
Chris GallacherUK Independence Party (UKIP)Redcar378
Jacob YoungConservative PartyRedcar329
Josh MasonLiberal DemocratsRedcar266
Peter PinkneyGreen PartyRedcar
Philip LockeyThe North East PartyRedcar
Hilary MyresLiberal DemocratsRedditch
Karen LumleyConservative PartyRedditch1327
Kevin WhiteGreen PartyRedditch344
Peter JewellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Redditch
Rebecca BlakeLabour PartyRedditch1605
Seth ColtonIndependentRedditch11
Ali AklakulLabour PartyReigate
Anna TarrantLiberal DemocratsReigate
Crispin BluntConservative PartyReigate2059
Jonathan EssexGreen PartyReigate
Joseph FoxUK Independence Party (UKIP)Reigate
Chris BryantLabour PartyRhondda37625
George SummersLiberal DemocratsRhondda
Lyn HudsonConservative PartyRhondda
Ron HughesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rhondda
Shelley Rees-OwenPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesRhondda1160
David BrassIndependentRibble Valley
David HinderLabour PartyRibble Valley109
Graham SowterGreen PartyRibble Valley
Jackie PearceyLiberal DemocratsRibble Valley448
Nigel EvansConservative PartyRibble Valley100
Shirley ParkinsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ribble Valley
John BlackieIndependentRichmond (Yorks)
John HarrisLiberal DemocratsRichmond (Yorks)
Leslie RoweGreen PartyRichmond (Yorks)16
Matthew CookeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Richmond (Yorks)471
Mike HillLabour PartyRichmond (Yorks)230
Rishi SunakConservative PartyRichmond (Yorks)
Robin ScottIndependentRichmond (Yorks)979
Andree FriezeGreen PartyRichmond Park1489
Robin MeltzerLiberal DemocratsRichmond Park1745
Sachin PatelLabour PartyRichmond Park409
Sam NazUK Independence Party (UKIP)Richmond Park
Zac GoldsmithConservative PartyRichmond Park40732
Andy KellyLiberal DemocratsRochdale219
Azi AhmedConservative PartyRochdale31
Farooq AhmedRochdale First PartyRochdale310
Mark HollinrakeGreen PartyRochdale1128
Masud MohammedUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rochdale
Simon DanczukLabour PartyRochdale12273
Clive GregoryGreen PartyRochester and Strood1010
Dan BurnTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionRochester and Strood
Kelly TolhurstConservative PartyRochester and Strood2497
Mark RecklessUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rochester and Strood16467
Naushabah KhanLabour PartyRochester and Strood2973
Prue BrayLiberal DemocratsRochester and Strood33
Steve CleggEnglish DemocratsRochester and Strood
Floyd WaterworthUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rochford and Southend East
Ian GilbertLabour PartyRochford and Southend East1129
James DuddridgeConservative PartyRochford and Southend East6178
Simon CrossGreen PartyRochford and Southend East
Andrew RosindellConservative PartyRomford3940
Gerard BattenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Romford3185
Ian SandersonLiberal DemocratsRomford
Lorna TooleyGreen PartyRomford357
Sam GouldLabour PartyRomford370
Ben NichollsLiberal DemocratsRomsey and Southampton North675
Caroline NokesConservative PartyRomsey and Southampton North4428
Darren PaffeyLabour PartyRomsey and Southampton North1140
Ian CallaghanGreen PartyRomsey and Southampton North48
Sandra JamesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Romsey and Southampton North505
Anne ThomasScottish Green PartyRoss, Skye and Lochaber
Charles KennedyLiberal DemocratsRoss, Skye and Lochaber17891
Chris ConniffLabour PartyRoss, Skye and Lochaber25
Ian BlackfordScottish National Party (SNP)Ross, Skye and Lochaber1028
Lindsay McCallumConservative PartyRoss, Skye and Lochaber451
Philip AndersonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ross, Skye and Lochaber
Afzal AnwarLiberal DemocratsRossendale and Darwen
Clive BalchinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rossendale and Darwen234
Jake BerryConservative PartyRossendale and Darwen8763
Will StrawLabour PartyRossendale and Darwen24048
Allen CowlesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rother Valley
Gareth StreeterConservative PartyRother Valley62
Kevin BarronLabour PartyRother Valley257
Kevin SillsEnglish DemocratsRother Valley93
Robert TealLiberal DemocratsRother Valley
Jane CollinsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rotherham
Janice MiddletonLiberal DemocratsRotherham
Paul GoldingBritain FirstRotherham7762
Sarah ChampionLabour PartyRotherham9434
Sebastian LoweConservative PartyRotherham1634
Claire EdwardsLabour PartyRugby217
Ed GoncalvesLiberal DemocratsRugby
Gordon DaviesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rugby50
Mark PawseyConservative PartyRugby2159
Pete McLarenTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionRugby2
Terence WhiteGreen PartyRugby306
Gerard BarryUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner81
Josh DixonLiberal DemocratsRuislip, Northwood and Pinner1482
Karen PillaiGreen PartyRuislip, Northwood and Pinner103
Michael BorioLabour PartyRuislip, Northwood and Pinner707
Nick HurdConservative PartyRuislip, Northwood and Pinner12265
Sockalingam YogalingamNational Liberal Party - True LiberalismRuislip, Northwood and Pinner
Wally KennedyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionRuislip, Northwood and Pinner287
Arran NeatheyLabour PartyRunnymede and Weybridge345
Joe BrancoUK Independence Party (UKIP)Runnymede and Weybridge
John VincentLiberal DemocratsRunnymede and Weybridge340
Philip HammondConservative PartyRunnymede and Weybridge15407
Rustam MajainahGreen PartyRunnymede and Weybridge917
David MellenLabour PartyRushcliffe220
Kenneth ClarkeConservative PartyRushcliffe
Matthew FaithfullUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rushcliffe5
Richard MallenderGreen PartyRushcliffe1455
Robert JohnstonLiberal DemocratsRushcliffe
Janice MacKayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rutherglen and Hamilton West
Margaret FerrierScottish National Party (SNP)Rutherglen and Hamilton West466
Taylor MuirConservative PartyRutherglen and Hamilton West75
Tom GreatrexLabour PartyRutherglen and Hamilton West9717
Tony HughesLiberal DemocratsRutherglen and Hamilton West
Yvonne MacleanCannabis is Safer than AlcoholRutherglen and Hamilton West
Alan DuncanConservative PartyRutland and Melton7498
Edward ReynoldsLiberal DemocratsRutland and Melton306
James MooreLabour PartyRutland and Melton474
Richard BillingtonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Rutland and Melton14
Alan HaselhurstConservative PartySaffron Walden
Jane BerneyLabour PartySaffron Walden169
Mike HibbsLiberal DemocratsSaffron Walden168
Peter DayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Saffron Walden
Charlie BriggsLiberal DemocratsSalford and Eccles
Emma Van DykeGreen PartySalford and Eccles54
Greg DownesConservative PartySalford and Eccles
Jamie McNallyIndependentSalford and Eccles
Mark BerryThe Reality PartySalford and Eccles
Noreen BaileyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSalford and Eccles
Paul DoyleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Salford and Eccles96
Rebecca Long-BaileyLabour PartySalford and Eccles356
Sam ClarkPirate Party UKSalford and Eccles605
Alison CraigGreen PartySalisbury274
Arthur PendragonIndependentSalisbury2704
John GlenConservative PartySalisbury7553
Paul MartinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Salisbury
Reetendra Nath BanerjiLiberal DemocratsSalisbury47
Tom CorbinLabour PartySalisbury255
David MaloneGreen PartyScarborough and Whitby97
Ian McInnesLabour PartyScarborough and Whitby891
Michael BeckettLiberal DemocratsScarborough and Whitby6400
Robert GoodwillConservative PartyScarborough and Whitby
Sam CrossUK Independence Party (UKIP)Scarborough and Whitby
Des ComerfordIndependentScunthorpe250
Jo GideonConservative PartyScunthorpe193
Louise HarrisLiberal DemocratsScunthorpe
Martin DwyerGreen PartyScunthorpe
Nicholas DakinLabour PartyScunthorpe7188
John LeathleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sedgefield641
Phil WilsonLabour PartySedgefield5916
Scott WoodConservative PartySedgefield379
Stephen GlennLiberal DemocratsSedgefield2458
Bill EstersonLabour PartySefton Central7658
Kim PowerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sefton Central
Lindsay MeliaGreen PartySefton Central
Paula KeaveneyLiberal DemocratsSefton Central1122
Valerie AllenConservative PartySefton Central69
Colin HeathUK Independence Party (UKIP)Selby and Ainsty
Ian RichardsGreen PartySelby and Ainsty
Mark HayesLabour PartySelby and Ainsty829
Nicola TurnerLiberal DemocratsSelby and Ainsty
Nigel AdamsConservative PartySelby and Ainsty
Alan BullionLiberal DemocratsSevenoaks1685
Amelie BoleynGreen PartySevenoaks48
Chris ClarkLabour PartySevenoaks
Louise UnclesEnglish DemocratsSevenoaks
Michael FallonConservative PartySevenoaks
Stephen LindsayUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sevenoaks
Andy HalsallPirate Party UKSheffield Central1042
Jillian CreasyGreen PartySheffield Central1235
Joe OttenLiberal DemocratsSheffield Central1149
Paul BlomfieldLabour PartySheffield Central6843
Stephanie RoeConservative PartySheffield Central
Steve AndrewCommunist Party of BritainSheffield Central
Thom BrownIndependentSheffield Central67
Clive BettsLabour PartySheffield South East3757
Gail SmithLiberal DemocratsSheffield South East
Ian WhitehouseTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSheffield South East
Jen BattersbyCannabis is Safer than AlcoholSheffield South East666
Linda DuckenfieldGreen PartySheffield South East
Matt SleatConservative PartySheffield South East
Matthew RobertsEnglish DemocratsSheffield South East
Steven WinstoneUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sheffield South East990
Christine GillianGreen PartySheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
Elise DÌ_nweberConservative PartySheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough86
Harry HarphamLabour PartySheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough111
John BookerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
Jonathan HarstonLiberal DemocratsSheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
Maxine BowlerTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough117
Nasser YounisThe Respect PartySheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
Carlton ReeveIndependentSheffield, Hallam374
Ian WalkerConservative PartySheffield, Hallam162
Joe JenkinsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sheffield, Hallam584
Nick CleggLiberal DemocratsSheffield, Hallam215763
Oliver CoppardLabour PartySheffield, Hallam3444
Peter GarbuttGreen PartySheffield, Hallam1596
Steve CleggEnglish DemocratsSheffield, Hallam
Alan MunroTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSheffield, Heeley
Howard DenbyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sheffield, Heeley
Louise HaighLabour PartySheffield, Heeley1317
Rita WilcockGreen PartySheffield, Heeley
Simon Clement-JonesLiberal DemocratsSheffield, Heeley
Stephen CastensConservative PartySheffield, Heeley
Dan MosleyLiberal DemocratsSherwood
Dave PerkinsClass WarSherwood
Ian YoungJustice For Men & BoysSherwood
LÌ©onie MathersLabour PartySherwood2031
Lydia Davies-BrightGreen PartySherwood
Mark SpencerConservative PartySherwood5699
Sara ChadUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sherwood
Darren HillYorkshire FirstShipley290
Kevin WarnesGreen PartyShipley624
Philip DaviesConservative PartyShipley9817
Steve ClapcoteLabour PartyShipley155
Christine TinkerLiberal DemocratsShrewsbury and Atcham411
Daniel KawczynskiConservative PartyShrewsbury and Atcham3091
Emma BullardGreen PartyShrewsbury and Atcham180
Laura DaviesLabour PartyShrewsbury and Atcham396
Suzanne EvansUK Independence Party (UKIP)Shrewsbury and Atcham8196
Gary MillerGreen PartySittingbourne and Sheppey65
Gordon HendersonConservative PartySittingbourne and Sheppey
Guy NicholsonLabour PartySittingbourne and Sheppey277
Keith NevolsLiberal DemocratsSittingbourne and Sheppey832
Richard PalmerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sittingbourne and Sheppey1688
Alan HendersonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Skipton and Ripon
Andy BrownGreen PartySkipton and Ripon111
Jacquie BellLiberal DemocratsSkipton and Ripon29
Julian SmithConservative PartySkipton and Ripon4835
Malcolm BirksLabour PartySkipton and Ripon395
Jason Pandya-WoodLabour PartySleaford and North Hykeham296
Matthew HoldenLiberal DemocratsSleaford and North Hykeham
Stephen PhillipsConservative PartySleaford and North Hykeham
Diana CoadUK Independence Party (UKIP)Slough
Fiona MactaggartLabour PartySlough4102
Gurcharan SinghConservative PartySlough200
Julian EdmondsGreen PartySlough
Tom McCannLiberal DemocratsSlough
Howard AllenGreen PartySolihull535
Julian KnightConservative PartySolihull772
Lorely BurtLiberal DemocratsSolihull4241
Nigel KnowlesLabour PartySolihull
Phil HenrickUK Independence Party (UKIP)Solihull488
Alan DimmickUK Independence Party (UKIP)Somerton and Frome
David OakensenLabour PartySomerton and Frome
David RendelLiberal DemocratsSomerton and Frome182
David WarburtonConservative PartySomerton and Frome5727
Ian AngellIndependentSomerton and Frome
Theo SimonGreen PartySomerton and Frome898
Danny KinahanUlster Unionist PartySouth Antrim2293
Declan KearneySinn FÌ©inSouth Antrim
Neil KellyAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandSouth Antrim189
Richard CairnsTraditional Unionist Voice - TUVSouth Antrim283
Roisin LynchSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)South Antrim170
William McCreaDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.South Antrim
Geoff WilliamsLiberal DemocratsSouth Basildon and East Thurrock69
Ian LuderUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Basildon and East Thurrock
Kerry SmithIndependentSouth Basildon and East Thurrock
Mike Le-SurfLabour PartySouth Basildon and East Thurrock1521
Stephen MetcalfeConservative PartySouth Basildon and East Thurrock979
Dan GreefLabour PartySouth Cambridgeshire1775
Heidi AllenConservative PartySouth Cambridgeshire470
Marion MasonUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Cambridgeshire418
Sebastian KindersleyLiberal DemocratsSouth Cambridgeshire215
Simon SaggersGreen PartySouth Cambridgeshire436
Alan GravesUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Derbyshire470
Cheryl PidgeonLabour PartySouth Derbyshire1006
Heather WheelerConservative PartySouth Derbyshire4764
Lorraine JohnsonLiberal DemocratsSouth Derbyshire612
Howard LeggLiberal DemocratsSouth Dorset
Jane BurnetGreen PartySouth Dorset209
Malcolm ShakesbyUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Dorset
Richard DraxConservative PartySouth Dorset753
Simon BowkettLabour PartySouth Dorset1511
Andrew MagorrianIndependentSouth Down
Chris HazzardSinn FÌ©inSouth Down3450
Harold McKeeUlster Unionist PartySouth Down
Henry ReillyUK Independence Party (UK I P)South Down1460
Margaret RitchieSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)South Down4974
Martyn ToddAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandSouth Down140
Clive Kenneth SemmensGreen PartySouth East Cambridgeshire54
Deborah RennieUK Independence Party (UKIP)South East Cambridgeshire435
Huw JonesLabour PartySouth East Cambridgeshire392
Jonathan ChatfieldLiberal DemocratsSouth East Cambridgeshire578
Lucy FrazerConservative PartySouth East Cambridgeshire
Andrew LongMebyon Kernow - The Party for CornwallSouth East Cornwall
Bradley MonkUK Independence Party (UKIP)South East Cornwall805
Declan LloydLabour PartySouth East Cornwall
Martin CorneyGreen PartySouth East Cornwall139
Phil HuttyLiberal DemocratsSouth East Cornwall368
Sheryll MurrayConservative PartySouth East Cornwall6176
Daniel WilshireGreen PartySouth Holland and The Deepings100
David ParsonsUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Holland and The Deepings
George SmidLiberal DemocratsSouth Holland and The Deepings44
John HayesConservative PartySouth Holland and The Deepings
Matthew MahabadiLabour PartySouth Holland and The Deepings241
Alberto CostaConservative PartySouth Leicestershire
Amanda HackLabour PartySouth Leicestershire431
Barry MahoneyUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Leicestershire
Phil SmithLiberal DemocratsSouth Leicestershire
Barry CameronUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Norfolk19
Catherine RowettGreen PartySouth Norfolk163
Deborah SacksLabour PartySouth Norfolk587
Jacqueline HoweLiberal DemocratsSouth Norfolk
Richard BaconConservative PartySouth Norfolk221
Andrea LeadsomConservative PartySouth Northamptonshire7263
Damon BoughenGreen PartySouth Northamptonshire374
Eric MacanndraisUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Northamptonshire
Lucy MillsLabour PartySouth Northamptonshire87
Tom SnowdonLiberal DemocratsSouth Northamptonshire
David GallagherUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Ribble
Seema KennedyConservative PartySouth Ribble1349
Sue McGuireLiberal DemocratsSouth Ribble45
Veronica BennettLabour PartySouth Ribble916
Emma Lewell-BuckLabour PartySouth Shields4495
Gita GordonLiberal DemocratsSouth Shields
Norman DennisUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Shields37
Robert OliverConservative PartySouth Shields
Shirley FordGreen PartySouth Shields852
Claire McIlvennaGreen PartySouth Staffordshire
Gavin WilliamsonConservative PartySouth Staffordshire3669
Kevin McElduffLabour PartySouth Staffordshire
Lyndon JonesUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Staffordshire
Grace WeaverLiberal DemocratsSouth Suffolk293
James CartlidgeConservative PartySouth Suffolk196
Jane BashamLabour PartySouth Suffolk2604
Robert LindsayGreen PartySouth Suffolk494
Stephen ToddChristian Peoples AllianceSouth Suffolk
Steven WhalleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Suffolk617
Anne SnelgroveLabour PartySouth Swindon3411
Damon HootonLiberal DemocratsSouth Swindon170
John ShortUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Swindon
Robert BucklandConservative PartySouth Swindon8003
Talis Kimberley-FairbournGreen PartySouth Swindon577
Al MurrayFree United Kingdom PartySouth Thanet24384
Craig MackinlayConservative PartySouth Thanet2111
Grahame BirchallIndependentSouth Thanet104
Ian DriverGreen PartySouth Thanet1302
Nigel AskewThe Reality PartySouth Thanet275
Nigel FarageUK Independence Party (UKIP)South Thanet196049
Prophet ZebadiahAl-Zebabist Nation of OoogSouth Thanet492
Russ TimpsonLiberal DemocratsSouth Thanet161
Ruth BaileyManston Airport Independent PartySouth Thanet204
Will ScobieLabour PartySouth Thanet2373
Andrew SelousConservative PartySouth West Bedfordshire6559
Daniel ScottLabour PartySouth West Bedfordshire
John van WeenenUK Independence Party (UKIP)South West Bedfordshire
Chaz SinghLabour PartySouth West Devon4594
Gary StreeterConservative PartySouth West Devon545
Robin JulianUK Independence Party (UKIP)South West Devon
Tom DaviesLiberal DemocratsSouth West Devon72
Win ScuttGreen PartySouth West Devon446
Charlotte PardyGreen PartySouth West Hertfordshire
David GaukeConservative PartySouth West Hertfordshire2352
Mark AndersonUK Independence Party (UKIP)South West Hertfordshire705
Nigel QuintonLiberal DemocratsSouth West Hertfordshire339
Simon DigginsLabour PartySouth West Hertfordshire195
Carl ClarkChristian Peoples AllianceSouth West Norfolk
Elizabeth TrussConservative PartySouth West Norfolk17315
Paul SmythUK Independence Party (UKIP)South West Norfolk722
Peter SmithLabour PartySouth West Norfolk712
Rupert Moss-EccardtLiberal DemocratsSouth West Norfolk205
Sandra WalmsleyGreen PartySouth West Norfolk75
Howard James KayeLabour PartySouth West Surrey291
Jeremy HuntConservative PartySouth West Surrey64427
Louise IrvineNational Health Action PartySouth West Surrey3990
Mark WebberUK Independence Party (UKIP)South West Surrey
Patrick HaveronLiberal DemocratsSouth West Surrey887
Paul RobinsonSomething NewSouth West Surrey332
Susan RylandGreen PartySouth West Surrey122
Andrew MurrisonConservative PartySouth West Wiltshire2361
George AylettLabour PartySouth West Wiltshire221868
Matthew BrownUK Independence Party (UKIP)South West Wiltshire
Phil RandleGreen PartySouth West Wiltshire
Trevor CarbinLiberal DemocratsSouth West Wiltshire54
Eleanor BellLiberal DemocratsSouthampton, Itchen85
John SpottiswoodeGreen PartySouthampton, Itchen1272
Kim RoseUK Independence Party (UKIP)Southampton, Itchen
Rowenna DavisLabour PartySouthampton, Itchen16097
Royston SmithConservative PartySouthampton, Itchen1359
Sue AtkinsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSouthampton, Itchen
Adrian FordLiberal DemocratsSouthampton, Test
Alan WhiteheadLabour PartySouthampton, Test3803
Angela MawleGreen PartySouthampton, Test316
Chris DavisIndependentSouthampton, Test96
Jeremy MoultonConservative PartySouthampton, Test680
Nick ChaffeyTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSouthampton, Test
Pearline HingstonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Southampton, Test
Brian OtridgeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Southend West450
David AmessConservative PartySouthend West
Jon FullerGreen PartySouthend West11
Julian Ware-LaneLabour PartySouthend West3824
Paul CollinsLiberal DemocratsSouthend West14
Tom DarwoodThe British Constitution PartySouthend West
Damien MooreConservative PartySouthport288
John PughLiberal DemocratsSouthport2242
Liz SavageLabour PartySouthport752
Terry DurranceUK Independence Party (UKIP)Southport
Kwasi KwartengConservative PartySpelthorne3613
Paul CouchmanTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSpelthorne680
Paul JacobsGreen PartySpelthorne
Rebecca GeachLabour PartySpelthorne
Redvers CunninghamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Spelthorne1288
Rosie ShimellLiberal DemocratsSpelthorne285
Anne MainConservative PartySt Albans
Chris WrightUK Independence Party (UKIP)St Albans241
Jack EastonGreen PartySt Albans
Kerry PollardLabour PartySt Albans753
Sandy WalkingtonLiberal DemocratsSt Albans957
David MathewsUK Independence Party (UKIP)St Austell and Newquay
Deborah HopkinsLabour PartySt Austell and Newquay1484
Dick ColeMebyon Kernow - The Party for CornwallSt Austell and Newquay
Stephen GilbertLiberal DemocratsSt Austell and Newquay6818
Steve DoubleConservative PartySt Austell and Newquay1286
Steve SladeGreen PartySt Austell and Newquay413
Conor McGinnLabour PartySt Helens North2626
Denise AspinallLiberal DemocratsSt Helens North
Elizabeth WardGreen PartySt Helens North188
Ian SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)St Helens North
Paul RichardsonConservative PartySt Helens North
Brian SpencerLiberal DemocratsSt Helens South and Whiston
Gillian KeeganConservative PartySt Helens South and Whiston52
James ChanGreen PartySt Helens South and Whiston682
John BeirneUK Independence Party (UKIP)St Helens South and Whiston
Marie RimmerLabour PartySt Helens South and Whiston467
Andrew GeorgeLiberal DemocratsSt Ives7943
Cornelius OlivierLabour PartySt Ives181
Derek ThomasConservative PartySt Ives
Graham CalderwoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)St Ives37
Rob SimmonsMebyon Kernow - The Party for CornwallSt Ives2996
Tim AndrewesGreen PartySt Ives266
Edward WhitfieldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stafford
Jeremy LefroyConservative PartyStafford4562
Karen HowellNational Health Action PartyStafford331
Kate GodfreyLabour PartyStafford1637
Mike ShoneGreen PartyStafford272
Brian SmithGreen PartyStaffordshire Moorlands
George Langley-PooleUK Independence Party (UKIP)Staffordshire Moorlands
John RedfernLiberal DemocratsStaffordshire Moorlands
Karen BradleyConservative PartyStaffordshire Moorlands3399
Trudie McGuinnessLabour PartyStaffordshire Moorlands1224
Angela McManusUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stalybridge and Hyde206
Jenny RossGreen PartyStalybridge and Hyde251
Jonathan ReynoldsLabour PartyStalybridge and Hyde14832
Martin RileyConservative PartyStalybridge and Hyde
Pete FlynnLiberal DemocratsStalybridge and Hyde392
David CollinsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stevenage
David CoxIndependentStevenage
Graham WhiteGreen PartyStevenage132
Sharon TaylorLabour PartyStevenage2032
Stephen McPartlandConservative PartyStevenage2138
Susan van de VenLiberal DemocratsStevenage
Trevor PalmerTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionStevenage
Elisabeth WilsonLiberal DemocratsStirling
Johanna BoydLabour PartyStirling1190
Mark RuskellScottish Green PartyStirling2284
Stephen KerrConservative PartyStirling431
Steven PatersonScottish National Party (SNP)Stirling1371
Ann CoffeyLabour PartyStockport2966
Daniel HawthorneLiberal DemocratsStockport172
Gary LawsonGreen PartyStockport11
John PearsonLeft UnityStockport
Matt OfficerClass WarStockport
Steven WoolfeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stockport5658
Alex CunninghamLabour PartyStockton North6462
Anthony SycamoreLiberal DemocratsStockton North
Chris DanielsConservative PartyStockton North155
John TaitThe North East PartyStockton North
Mandy BoylettUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stockton North1218
Drew DurningLiberal DemocratsStockton South165
Edward StrikeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stockton South
Jacqui LovellGreen PartyStockton South156
James WhartonConservative PartyStockton South5809
Louise BaldockLabour PartyStockton South5008
Ali MajidCannabis is Safer than AlcoholStoke-on-Trent Central70
Jan ZablockiGreen PartyStoke-on-Trent Central
Liam AscoughConservative PartyStoke-on-Trent Central942
Mick HaroldUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stoke-on-Trent Central
Tristram HuntLabour PartyStoke-on-Trent Central30847
Zulfiqar AliLiberal DemocratsStoke-on-Trent Central
Ben AdamsConservative PartyStoke-on-Trent North405
Craig PondIndependentStoke-on-Trent North
Geoff LockeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stoke-on-Trent North
Ruth SmeethLabour PartyStoke-on-Trent North1466
Sean A AdamGreen PartyStoke-on-Trent North899
Joe RichConservative PartyStoke-on-Trent South8220
Luke BellamyGreen PartyStoke-on-Trent South
Matthew WrightTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionStoke-on-Trent South721
Pete HigginsIndependentStoke-on-Trent South36
Peter AndrasLiberal DemocratsStoke-on-Trent South
Rob FlelloLabour PartyStoke-on-Trent South4047
Tariq MahmoodUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stoke-on-Trent South
Andrew IllsleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stone
Bill CashConservative PartyStone2438
Sam HaleLabour PartyStone423
Chris BramallLiberal DemocratsStourbridge
Christian KieverGreen PartyStourbridge
James CarverUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stourbridge1591
Margot JamesConservative PartyStourbridge8982
Pete LoweLabour PartyStourbridge1286
Jim ShannonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Strangford
Joe JordanUK Independence Party (UK I P)Strangford
Johnny AndrewsConservative and Unionist PartyStrangford119
Kellie ArmstrongAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandStrangford
Robert BurgessUlster Unionist PartyStrangford
Dominic GilesGreen PartyStratford-on-Avon415
Edward FilaUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stratford-on-Avon275
Elizabeth AdamsLiberal DemocratsStratford-on-Avon843
Jeff KennerLabour PartyStratford-on-Avon983
Nadhim ZahawiConservative PartyStratford-on-Avon12230
Amna AhmadLiberal DemocratsStreatham1082
Bruce MachanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Streatham33
Chuka UmunnaLabour PartyStreatham95292
Jonathan BartleyGreen PartyStreatham4485
Kim CaddyConservative PartyStreatham315
Unjum MirzaTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionStreatham
Geraldine CogginsGreen PartyStretford and Urmston305
Jacob BarrowCannabis is Safer than AlcoholStretford and Urmston
Kalvin ChapmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stretford and Urmston148
Kate GreenLabour PartyStretford and Urmston14904
Lisa CookeConservative PartyStretford and Urmston
Louise AnkersLiberal DemocratsStretford and Urmston2215
Paul Bradley-LawThe Whig PartyStretford and Urmston64
Adrian Walker-SmithLiberal DemocratsStroud
Caroline StephensUK Independence Party (UKIP)Stroud302
David DrewLabour PartyStroud2912
Neil CarmichaelConservative PartyStroud3524
Richard WilsonIndependentStroud1865
Sarah LunnonGreen PartyStroud300
Daryll PitcherUK Independence Party (UKIP)Suffolk Coastal
James SandbachLiberal DemocratsSuffolk Coastal159
Rachel Smith-LyteGreen PartySuffolk Coastal170
Russell WhitingLabour PartySuffolk Coastal
Therese CoffeyConservative PartySuffolk Coastal9251
Adrian PageLiberal DemocratsSunderland Central
Brian FosterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sunderland Central
Jeff TownsendConservative PartySunderland Central
Julie ElliottLabour PartySunderland Central4291
Rachel FeatherstoneGreen PartySunderland Central
Ann-Marie BarkerLiberal DemocratsSurrey Heath97
Bob and Roberta SmithIndependentSurrey Heath14491
Juliana BrimicombeChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Surrey Heath
Kimberley LawsonGreen PartySurrey Heath92
Laween AtroshiLabour PartySurrey Heath1278
Michael GoveConservative PartySurrey Heath20091
Paul John ChapmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Surrey Heath419
Angus DalgleishUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sutton and Cheam
Dave AshNational Health Action PartySutton and Cheam326
Emily BrothersLabour PartySutton and Cheam634
Maeve TomlinsonGreen PartySutton and Cheam75
Paul BurstowLiberal DemocratsSutton and Cheam10804
Paul ScullyConservative PartySutton and Cheam2402
Pauline GormanTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSutton and Cheam
Andrew MitchellConservative PartySutton Coldfield
David RatcliffGreen PartySutton Coldfield
Marcus John BrownUK Independence Party (UKIP)Sutton Coldfield248
Mark SleighUbuntu PartySutton Coldfield
Richard Brighton-KnightLiberal DemocratsSutton Coldfield
Rob PocockLabour PartySutton Coldfield519
Altaf HussainConservative PartySwansea East
Amina JamalLiberal DemocratsSwansea East
Carolyn HarrisLabour PartySwansea East514
Clifford JohnsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Swansea East
Dic JonesPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesSwansea East
Richard OwenClass WarSwansea East
Tony YoungGreen PartySwansea East
Ashley WakelingGreen PartySwansea West595
Brian JohnsonThe Socialist Party of Great BritainSwansea West
Chris HolleyLiberal DemocratsSwansea West
Emma LaneConservative PartySwansea West
Geraint DaviesLabour PartySwansea West5471
Harri RobertsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesSwansea West
Martyn FordUK Independence Party (UKIP)Swansea West
Ronnie JobTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionSwansea West801
Carol DeanLabour PartyTamworth372
Christopher PincherConservative PartyTamworth5546
Jan HigginsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tamworth154
Jennifer PinkettLiberal DemocratsTamworth
Nicola HolmesGreen PartyTamworth295
David Pinto-DuschinskyLabour PartyTatton
Gareth WilsonLiberal DemocratsTatton272
George OsborneConservative PartyTatton109288
Stuart HuttonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tatton103
Tina-Louise RotheryGreen PartyTatton591
Bruce GauldIndependentTaunton Deane
Clive MartinGreen PartyTaunton Deane1022
Laura BailhacheUK Independence Party (UKIP)Taunton Deane
Mike RigbyIndependentTaunton Deane1310
Neil GuildLabour PartyTaunton Deane298
Rachel GilmourLiberal DemocratsTaunton Deane237
Rebecca PowConservative PartyTaunton Deane1243
Stephen GermanTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionTaunton Deane
David WrightLabour PartyTelford
Denis AllenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Telford249
Lucy AllanConservative PartyTelford1896
Peter HawkinsGreen PartyTelford146
Alistair CameronLiberal DemocratsTewkesbury40
Ed BuxtonLabour PartyTewkesbury1902
Jemma ClarkeGreen PartyTewkesbury33
Laurence RobertsonConservative PartyTewkesbury
Stuart AdairUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tewkesbury502
Christopher HarlowUK Independence Party (UKIP)The Cotswolds
Geoffrey Clifton-BrownConservative PartyThe Cotswolds
Manjinder Singh KangLabour PartyThe Cotswolds90
Paul HodgkinsonLiberal DemocratsThe Cotswolds912
Penny BurgessGreen PartyThe Cotswolds442
Cath EdwardsGreen PartyThe Wrekin183
Jill SeymourUK Independence Party (UKIP)The Wrekin3427
Katrina GilmanLabour PartyThe Wrekin454
Mark PritchardConservative PartyThe Wrekin3921
Rod KeyesLiberal DemocratsThe Wrekin
Alan AveryLabour PartyThirsk and Malton52
Chris NewsamGreen PartyThirsk and Malton295
Dinah KealLiberal DemocratsThirsk and Malton362
Kevin HollinrakeConservative PartyThirsk and Malton3630
Toby HortonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Thirsk and Malton106
Hadleigh RobertsLabour PartyThornbury and Yate1490
Iain HamiltonGreen PartyThornbury and Yate49
Luke HallConservative PartyThornbury and Yate
Russ MartinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Thornbury and Yate684
Steve WebbLiberal DemocratsThornbury and Yate9021
Jackie Doyle-PriceConservative PartyThurrock1956
Polly BillingtonLabour PartyThurrock8836
Tim AkerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Thurrock5680
Caroline KolekLabour PartyTiverton and Honiton558
Graham SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tiverton and Honiton
Neil ParishConservative PartyTiverton and Honiton
Paul EdwardsGreen PartyTiverton and Honiton
Stephen KearneyLiberal DemocratsTiverton and Honiton964
Claire LeighLabour PartyTonbridge and Malling1239
Howard PorterGreen PartyTonbridge and Malling579
Mary VarrallLiberal DemocratsTonbridge and Malling139
Robert IzzardUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tonbridge and Malling965
Thomas TugendhatConservative PartyTonbridge and Malling1253
Dan WatkinsConservative PartyTooting1116
Esther Obiri-DarkoGreen PartyTooting33
Philip LingLiberal DemocratsTooting325
Przemek SkwirczynskiUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tooting357
Sadiq KhanLabour PartyTooting44327
Adrian SandersLiberal DemocratsTorbay4903
Anthony McIntyreUK Independence Party (UKIP)Torbay
Kevin FosterConservative PartyTorbay
Paula HermesGreen PartyTorbay
Su MaddockLabour PartyTorbay563
Alison WillottLiberal DemocratsTorfaen
Boydd Hackley-GreenPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesTorfaen
Graham SmithConservative PartyTorfaen
Ken BeswickUK Independence Party (UKIP)Torfaen
Matt CookeGreen PartyTorfaen269
Nick Thomas-SymondsLabour PartyTorfaen1029
Cathrine SimmonsGreen PartyTorridge and West Devon104
Derek SargentUK Independence Party (UKIP)Torridge and West Devon780
Geoffrey CoxConservative PartyTorridge and West Devon6242
Michael SparlingLabour PartyTorridge and West Devon4588
Paula DolphinLiberal DemocratsTorridge and West Devon135
Gill CoombsGreen PartyTotnes62
Julian BrazilLiberal DemocratsTotnes19
Justin HaqueUK Independence Party (UKIP)Totnes106
Nicky WilliamsLabour PartyTotnes1171
Sarah WollastonConservative PartyTotnes19207
Captain RizzClass WarTottenham
David LammyLabour PartyTottenham35885
Dee SearleGreen PartyTottenham357
Jenny SuttonTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionTottenham387
Stefan MrozinskiConservative PartyTottenham129
Tariq SaeedUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tottenham
Turhan OzenLiberal DemocratsTottenham911
John HyslopUK Independence Party (UKIP)Truro and Falmouth
Karen WestbrookGreen PartyTruro and Falmouth
Loic RichIndependentTruro and Falmouth
Rik EvansNational Health Action PartyTruro and Falmouth278
Sarah NewtonConservative PartyTruro and Falmouth2386
Simon RixLiberal DemocratsTruro and Falmouth599
Stephen RichardsonMebyon Kernow - The Party for CornwallTruro and Falmouth503
Stuart RodenLabour PartyTruro and Falmouth
Colin NicholsonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tunbridge Wells
Greg ClarkConservative PartyTunbridge Wells9069
James MacClearyLiberal DemocratsTunbridge Wells446
Kevin KerriganLabour PartyTunbridge Wells80
Marie JonesGreen PartyTunbridge Wells222
Barry EdwardsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Twickenham
ChinnersOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyTwickenham
Dominic StockfordChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"Twickenham
Nick GrantLabour PartyTwickenham258
Tania MathiasConservative PartyTwickenham689
Tanya WilliamsGreen PartyTwickenham139
Vincent CableLiberal DemocratsTwickenham60704
Alan CampbellLabour PartyTynemouth909
Gary LeggUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tynemouth128
Glenn HallConservative PartyTynemouth
John Paton-DayLiberal DemocratsTynemouth
Julia ErskineGreen PartyTynemouth
Catherine SeeleySinn FÌ©inUpper Bann1424
Damien HarteThe Workers PartyUpper Bann
David SimpsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.Upper Bann770
Dolores KellySDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)Upper Bann3912
Jo-Anne DobsonUlster Unionist PartyUpper Bann3995
Peter LaveryAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern IrelandUpper Bann110
Boris JohnsonConservative PartyUxbridge and South Ruislip1181548
Chris DowlingThe Eccentric Party of Great BritainUxbridge and South Ruislip10
Chris SummersLabour PartyUxbridge and South Ruislip673
Gary HarbordTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionUxbridge and South Ruislip
Graham LeeGreen PartyUxbridge and South Ruislip
Howling Laud HopeOfficial Monster Raving Loony PartyUxbridge and South Ruislip
Jack DuffinUK Independence Party (UKIP)Uxbridge and South Ruislip1670
Michael CoxLiberal DemocratsUxbridge and South Ruislip160
Chris RuaneLabour PartyVale of Clwyd2626
Gwyn WilliamsLiberal DemocratsVale of Clwyd
James DaviesConservative PartyVale of Clwyd788
Mair RowlandsPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesVale of Clwyd1110
Paul Davies-CookeUK Independence Party (UKIP)Vale of Clwyd
Alan ArmstrongGreen PartyVale of Glamorgan
Alun CairnsConservative PartyVale of Glamorgan5961
Chris ElmoreLabour PartyVale of Glamorgan2279
David Paul MorganLiberal DemocratsVale of Glamorgan224
Ian JohnsonPlaid Cymru - The Party of WalesVale of Glamorgan
John DixonLiberal DemocratsVale of Glamorgan
Kevin MahoneyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Vale of Glamorgan
Ace NnoromUK Independence Party (UKIP)Vauxhall149
Adrian TrettLiberal DemocratsVauxhall1763
Daniel LambertThe Socialist Party of Great BritainVauxhall
Gulnar HasnainGreen PartyVauxhall825
James BellisConservative PartyVauxhall205
Kate HoeyLabour PartyVauxhall4269
Mark ChapmanPirate Party UKVauxhall167
Simon HardyLeft UnityVauxhall779
Waleed GhaniThe Whig PartyVauxhall264
Alan HazelhurstUK Independence Party (UKIP)Wakefield317
Antony CalvertConservative PartyWakefield284
Elliot BarrCannabis is Safer than AlcoholWakefield
Finbarr CroninLiberal DemocratsWakefield
Mary CreaghLabour PartyWakefield15309
Mick GriffithsTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionWakefield
Angela EagleLabour PartyWallasey13538
Chris ClarksonConservative PartyWallasey165
Geoff CatonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Wallasey
John HoweGreen PartyWallasey
Kris BrownLiberal DemocratsWallasey147
David WinnickLabour PartyWalsall North
Douglas Hansen-LukeConservative PartyWalsall North1588
Elizabeth HazellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Walsall North
Mike HarrisonGreen PartyWalsall North
Peter Edward SmithTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionWalsall North
Charlotte FletcherGreen PartyWalsall South377
Kenneth TurnerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Walsall South
Sue ArnoldConservative PartyWalsall South1183
Valerie VazLabour PartyWalsall South1187
Michael GoldGreen PartyWalthamstow777
Molly Samuel-LeportConservative PartyWalthamstow90
Nancy TaaffeTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionWalthamstow2954
Paul HillmanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Walthamstow
Stella CreasyLabour PartyWalthamstow53531
Steven CheungLiberal DemocratsWalthamstow522
Chris GalleyConservative PartyWansbeck
Ian LaveryLabour PartyWansbeck10330
Melanie HurstUK Independence Party (UKIP)Wansbeck
Alex MeredithLiberal DemocratsWantage234
Ed VaizeyConservative PartyWantage25618
Kate PrendergastGreen PartyWantage
Lee UpcraftUK Independence Party (UKIP)Wantage110
Stephen WebbLabour PartyWantage77
John SpellarLabour PartyWarley5417
Pete DurnellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Warley737
Rob BuckmanGreen PartyWarley48
Tom WilliamsConservative PartyWarley145
Helen JonesLabour PartyWarrington North1392
Richard ShortConservative PartyWarrington North1461
Sarah HayesGreen PartyWarrington North454
Stefan KrizanacLiberal DemocratsWarrington North29
Trevor NichollsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Warrington North
Bob BarrLiberal DemocratsWarrington South560
David MowatConservative PartyWarrington South1974
Kevin BennettTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionWarrington South
Malcolm LingleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Warrington South
Nick BentLabour PartyWarrington South2131
Stephanie DaviesGreen PartyWarrington South
Alastair MacBrayneUK Independence Party (UKIP)Warwick and Leamington
Azzees MinottGreen PartyWarwick and Leamington404
Chris WhiteConservative PartyWarwick and Leamington7240
Haseeb ArifLiberal DemocratsWarwick and Leamington
Lynnette KellyLabour PartyWarwick and Leamington841
Aileen CaseyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Washington and Sunderland West
Bob DhillonConservative PartyWashington and Sunderland West353
Dominic HaneyLiberal DemocratsWashington and Sunderland West335
Gary DuncanTrade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionWashington and Sunderland West
Sharon HodgsonLabour PartyWas