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10 February 2017

4 Tips designing C-Suite Strategy Days

Strategy Planning

When designing Board-level, C-suite or senior management strategy days, there are four principles we have always found that help you plan and deliver a more successful day.

#1 Set Clear Objectives, Outputs and Outcomes

We’re always surprised when senior teams take time out of their diary to attend and all-day meeting and haven’t set clear objectives of what they would like to achieve.

Help by determining in advance what they want to happen as a result of the day, what deliverables are needed from the day itself and what change they want to see in the people attending as a result. For example:

Objective: To create a 2-year digital marketing roadmap globally for the business.

Output: A 2-year digital marketing roadmap, aligned and agreed with Heads of Marketing and Digital.

Outcome: All Heads of Marketing and Digital bought into the roadmap and business milestones, a digital change working group formed.


#2 Internal Sponsorship

Ensure you have an internal sponsor who has an invested in interest in making the day happen to its best. Either the key output is for them to use or the alignment in the team attending would directly benefit them.

You will need to understand business objectives, internal plans and personal and political agenda.

You will need a key project sponsor internally to have the authority and motivation to provide you with key documentation and connect you with the right internal people and encourage them to see you.


#3 Stakeholder Interviews

In some case you may need to interview other senior managers and directors to formulate the content of the event.

You will need to determine their personal agenda and understand company politics and positions to take on board all the feedback and input into your event design.

Be aware of how the strategy day you are planning will affect the work that they deliver and take time to understand their remit and work and make personal connections.


#4 Get the logistics right

Senior teams can be less forgiving if an event does not run smoothly.

Ensure you have planned through every element of smooth logistical running for the day. Ensuring, if you have a choice or influence over the venue that it has natural daylight, plenty of space, good catering and above all, if you have a digital or technical agenda, good tech infrastructure.

A well-planned event can fall on it’s knees if you can’t get the technology you need to work. Check wifi, signal (on different mobile networks if possible), sound and video playback all in advance.


Of course if you need help planning yours, we are always happy to help.