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03 September 2016

What Is Digital Capability Mapping?


The people skills evidence-base to inform your Digital Transformation


Are you responsible for Digital Transformation, Organisational Development or specifying internal training programmes?

Time and time again we see organisations approach all of these strands of work without a clear benchmark of individuals’ current digital capability to help inform these programmes.

Digital Capability Mapping is the skills heatmap and baseline benchmark of your current workforce’s digital and social media skills and one of the five key considerations in any digital transformation programme.

It is used to inform:

  • Direct digital training needs of specialist roles, individuals and teams
  • Competency Frameworks, career pathways and reward structures
  • Staff mobility in larger organisations lowering attrition rates and cost per hire
  • Team structure or restructure, centralisation or decentralisation of skills

There are 5 steps to approaching digital capability mapping:

#1 Review your business objectives

What is your business trying to do or achieve in the next 14 months?
Any mapping should include digital capabilities of where you are now as well as where you expect to be in the next 18-24 months. What will your teams need to do differently, what digital literacy or skills do you expect them to have?

#2 Level of Maturity

You won’t need all of your people to be skilled practitioner in every digital skill, it may not be part of their role. A good way to test skills across a range of categories of digital maturity is to consider four categories of skill level. For example:

  • No knowledge of
  • Understanding of, not used in this role, know who to go to
  • Practitioner of
  • Skilled practitioner of

#3 Draw up and socialise

Draw your list of digital skills for your business pertinent specific team or teams you wish to measure. The skill list can be informed by knowledge of the team work, job descriptions, interviews with team members. Draw your list of questions and have key team head leaders or practitioners contribute to the nuances of the team skills they need to verify.

#4 Use appropriate digital tools

Build your questions in a digital survey tool that allows you to understand how many people have completed the survey, and how you can best analyse and export the results.

#5 Be sensitive in communications

Understand that the very nature of checking people’s capabilities can make people uncomfortable. Be clear and open with people about what is being used for and how the information will be used. Be sure to clarify that you will not publish personalised data.

Be clear to share ahead of time when the survey will be available, taking care not to schedule around traditional holidays or holiday time. Give people a two-week window to complete with at least a one-week prompt.

Through running digital capability mapping out will understand:

  • what digital and social media skills are needed;
  • digital and social media capabilities for all levels of provision;
  • where expertise lies and where more support is needed;
  • what new capabilities are needed to progress to a higher level of digital and social media maturity

You will have an evidenced-based skills audit on which to base learning and development strategy, structure and restructure.

If you want to get more value from your training programmes, need evidence on digital skills and have 25+ people to evaluate, please email us today to see how we can help you or for an informal chat call our Co-Founder, Tiffany St James on +44 (0) 203 126 4922

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