Interactive Digital Skills Bootcamp | Transmute


09 June 2017

Interactive Digital Skills Bootcamp


In June we had the incredible opportunity to upskill Chief Marketing Officers and Digital Teams for Strauss Coffee in Warsaw with representation from Romania, Israel, Russia, The Netherlands and Poland running our Interactive Digital Skills Bootcamp.

The event opened with Katarzyna Palidwoda from Facebook, the lead for 28 countries and based in Warsaw, sharing how Facebook marketing has changed and how to make the best use of platform.

The rest of the day was ours and working with the Group CMO we had devised a digital activation day to inspire, build confidence and capability in running campaigns in-house.

We devised 4 specific workshops: Facebook Advertising, Social Video, Vlogger Outreach and Integrated Campaign Planning which teams rotated through before being given a live competitive brief to devise and pitch back.

The creativity and humour from the teams were fantastic, from impersonating celebrity chefs to teleporting into rainforests. The winning team devised the creative for an Israeli social media campaign which can now be used by the team globally.

The Polish hospitality was exceptional with organised speciality dinners for 50 of us, to hiring the Warsaw Football Team bus for our personal guided tour of the medieval town. You’ve got to love a culture that toasts with vodka before the entrees!