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We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible organisations and brands.

Here is a sample of current programmes we’ve recently completed or are still working on, and organisations we are working with.

Social Media Challenges and Opportunities for Governments
Strategy, Governance and Policy Communications
Office of Government Communications all-staff training
Staff Capability Audits
Social Media Competitor Audits
Social media Touchpoint Mapping
Established a Centre of Excellence for social media practitioners globally
Social Media Strategy and execution across 20 countries
Social media listening capability globally
Measuring the impact social media has on business objectives
Social Media Measurement Framework
Staff Capability Audits
Social Media Campaign Measurement Toolkit
Pan-government Social media strategic lead
Established a Centre of Excellence for social media practitioners
Launch of Data.gov.uk
Director of Communications for Directgov
Head of Communications for Digital Policy
Design and delivery of external Thought-Leadership Events
Social Media Channel Shift in Talent Engagement
All staff training on social media
Press Office training on social media
Digital skills training
Social media strategy training
We Are Squared lecturer
Web and Social Media Regional Audits
Staff Capability Audits
Setting measurement and competence at a Whole Trust level
Retained for Business Intelligence
Retained for intelligence on open data citizen projects
prudential logo - client
Social Media Competitor Audit
Strategic use of social media for Group HQ communications
Social Media Governance strategic support across 20 countries
Talent DNA behavioural articulation
Attraction platform research
Advocate strategy