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Business Intelligence

No matter what role you undertake, at any level, harnessing and filtering business intelligence through digital and social media channels should be paramount to informing your work.

The information available to us is overwhelming:
• There are 1.2 million terabytes of information on the internet.
• We produce over 5 exabytes of information every 2 days.
• Our brain can only process information at 60 bits per second.
• 61% of UK CMOs say data acquisition is the top internal marketing priority for 2014 source.

As Clay Shirkey so aptly put it: “It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure”.

We can filter digital and social information for you, or show you how, in a way that enables you to draw insights that can you apply practically.

From marketing intelligence, through to policy and product design; there is no area of your work that should be left uninformed.

Customer Intelligence

Let us be your secret weapon. Arrive at pitches or prospective meetings armed with customer intelligence. Know more about your clients and their business, surprise and delight them with your insights from a standing start through our snapshot reports or depth analysis.

Competitive Intelligence

Keeping one step ahead of your competition has never been easier with the amount of information that is available online. From snapshot reports, competitor audits to marketplace digital positioning, we can give you the actionable insights you need for competitive leverage.

Campaign or Issue monitoring

We can ensure you harness the super-optimisation that digital and social media afford by real-time campaign monitoring or post-campaign reporting. Equally we can track any issue that is useful for you to understand in depth or snapshot reports with actionable intelligence.

Crisis Communications

We put processes and systems in place that enable us, or you, to track and identify issues before they become a crisis. Should you hit the headlines in an unwarranted way, we can set up onsite, or remotely, a crisis communications response unit.

War Rooms

Through either low cost, or enterprise level tools, we can create digital and social media information feeds to inform you about your business, your competitors, or your industry. We provide turn-key revenue-generating services for media agencies from ‘Lab in a Box’ to complete ‘War Rooms’.