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Customer Service

• Only 39 out of 100 top UK companies were able to directly answer customer service questions asked through Twitter.
• A survey of 228 global marketers has found that CMOs are increasingly expected to focus on financial growth, data acquisition and customer service.

Customer service in social media is a big challenge to big businesses as more and more consumers expect fast responses from brands they have bought into – the same way that they would from email or telephone support.

We can help translate your existing processes into effective customer service utilising digital channels including social media.


You can’t respond to what you don’t see. It’s vital to your customer service programmes that you have real time monitoring set up. We can help identify the best tools on the market for your monitoring needs and help set up the keyword tracking best suited for your requirements.

Integrated CRM

Having a CRM that integrates with your social media channel data means that you can properly understand a customers journey – allowing you to be much be smarter with your communications. You can map how frequently you have had contact with your customers, how quickly you have responded and how satisfied your customers are.

Dedicated Customer Support across Social Channels

As customer expect rapid and helpful responses on social channels it is as vital you have a team that is ready to answer enquiries and issues – just as you would by phone. We can help provide, source a new team or support your existing dedicated customer support team with social media training and processes.

Social Media Crisis Management Training

We provide full social media crisis management training with ‘sandbox’ software which replicates a crisis with community manager providing the scenarios, but is not out in the real world. Your team learn quickly about how to handle a crisis.