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No matter if your digital and social media governance sits in Brand, Marketing, Sales, Compliance, IT, Web, HR or Corporate Comms, you’ll need to collaborate and get input from all teams too.

I’m sure that you are aware that;
• In the UK, the ASA and CAP code is not specific enough to cover all the social media legalities
• Digital policy and social media use has different legalities across different industries and in other countries

Digital and social media governance can protect both your corporate reputation and your people.

We have direct experience in setting government and Group corporate digital policy. We have implemented social media governance and engagement processes and tools across 20 countries for a number of industries.

Governance Strategy

We can help you define the Group, global or corporate governance strategy for digital and/or social media for policy or for local, national, regional or global social listening and engagement programmes. Let us fast-track your implementation with our experience.

Social Media Policy

We can furnish you with market-appropriate social media policy or help you collaborate internally to evolve a fit-for-purpose policy. We can review and evolve your current documentation and ensure it’s kept up to date.

Social Media Playbooks

We can provide you with channel-specific setup guidance, ‘How to’ guidance for managing your social media platforms and social media engagement guidance, specifically drawn for you, your team capabilities, your industry and incorporating the tools you use.

Naming Convention

We can help you understand how aligned your social media presences are in brand name and visual identity and furnish you with the data or leverage for better uniform alignment.