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• UK adult spend more time communicating online than they do sleeping.
• The internet economy in the UK is growing at 10% a year and will account for 10% of GDP by 2016.
• Yet, the UK is not maximising the potential offered by digital technologies, because too many organisations are not using them to their fullest.
• The UK could have increased its annual GDP by up to £63 billion if it had achieved global leadership in digitisation.
• More than half of UK businesses describe their mobile email strategy as ‘basic’ (39%) or ‘non-existent’ (22%).

We help businesses set digital and social media strategy to deliver their business objectives. Our service design can include all or any of the following elements to support your strategy design and implementation.


We can help you set your measurable digital and social media objectives that relate directly to your business objectives. We ensure these are commensurate with your business goals and team capabilities.


Through our proven diagnostic tools and scorecards we can undertake a strategic review of your web presences and/or social media presences with impactful recommendations for digital leadership.

Environmental Analysis

We can review how your organisation is performing on web and social presences. We then benchmark against your direct competitors, review best practice in and outside of your industry and prove you with review data, research and recommendations.

Digital / social media strategy

We can review your existing strategy, help you set, or provide you with corporate communications, web, digital marketing and social media strategy fit for purpose and matched to your capabilities.

Metrics Scorecards

We can provide or develop your web or social media metrics scorecards to enable you or us to measure the usability, user experience and effectiveness of your website social media presences or online communications.


We can help you set measurement frameworks, develop or provide you with the digital and social media measures to deliver your objectives or prove ROI.