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Talent Attraction

Currently we are facing a digital skills crisis:
• The UK’s digital economy will require 745,000 additional workers with digital skills by 2017.
• Thirty-eight percent of tech firms expect to increase staff numbers over the next year.
• We know that there are currently more than 4,700 unfilled jobs in east London’s startup hotbed Tech City. Year-on-year, the number of job openings have increased by 44 percent.

Finding and recruiting not only digital specialists, but also generalists with specific digital skills and capabilities, is difficult and expensive.

We want to help you help yourself by attracting talent with a better cultural fit from the get go, lowering attrition and saving costs.

We can support you by mapping digital capabilities and embedding programmes to excite, stretch and engender internal learning.

Digital Talent Attraction

We help you set your Talent DNA, identifying the key behaviours of the type of people you wish to attract. We ensure your Web Attraction Platform is working hard and help you set a social recruitment strategy, growing engaged communities on social media.

Centre of Excellence

We can help your to create internal digital and social media ambassadors, practitioner communities and, at Group Level, the Strategic Centre of Excellence to help support your sales delivery through local business units using best practice social media and digital delivery.

Digital Learning and Development

We map the digital capabilities of your people and set the strategy to ensure your people have the right digital skills to deliver your business objectives, complimented by digital L&D programmes and peer-learning in conjunction with your knowledge networks.


Exciting and inspiring your people should be a central focus. We create internal thought leadership programmes with industry experts, set and deliver business challenges to embed digital learning and deliver programmes to create intrapreneurs with a digital heart.

Digital repositioning

For businesses who wish to be digital-first or thought leaders on specific topics, we create programmes of events and media opportunities to position your business or people in the driving seat underpinned by best practice social media and digital marketing activity.